The Official Website for the Town-led Community Recovery Plan


Recovery Plan Survey

This survey provides the Town with important information about your priorities and visions for the future and helps us communicate with you more effectively - it takes about five minutes to complete. If you are displaced or did not attend one of the Listening meetings, you can provide your input here.

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What We Heard

On February 22 and March 21, over 750 people attended three Listening Meetings. The most frequently mentioned Strengths, Weaknesses, and Visions are summarized below.

What are Paradise’s Strengths?


What are our Opportunities as a result of the disaster?

What are Paradise’s Weaknesses?


Individual Meeting Reports

Click the button below to view detailed input from each of the following meetings:

  • Listening Meeting #1 (February 22, 10:00 AM)

  • Listening Meeting #2 (March 21, 4:00 PM)

  • Listening Meeting #3 (March 21, 7:00 PM)



Please join us on April 16th for a one-hour summary of the community input from the Listening Meetings. On April 18th, there will be a presentation of the community vision and initial recovery projects and an opportunities for you to share your thoughts


Rebuilding & Adapting My Home

To help residents begin the process, the Rebuilding & Adapting My Home brochure has been developed to explain the current fire safety requirements for rebuilding, including:

  • Steps in rebuilding your house

  • Wildland-Urban Interface requirements

  • How to create and maintain defensible space around your house

  • How to make a home that survived safer


Community Process

The residents of Paradise are central to the success of the recovery and will be the most important voices in the recovery planning. The Town will listen to the residents at every step of the process.

Residents will help identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for the Town. The planning team will assist residents in exploring and illustrating their visions. Residents will provide direction and input on the ideas.