2019 Year in Review: Bring on 2020!

From the first Maidu camps to gold nugget settlements, Paradise has long been a town of stories. Our cool pine trees, majestic oaks, and unquellable community spirit have drawn residents to the Ridge for hundreds of years—and despite the ravages of the Camp Fire, 2019 continued to tell that tale.

 Paradise residents, we modern-day pioneers, accomplished what many thought impossible. Here’s just some of our achievements:

  • 200+ businesses opened or re-opened in Paradise

  • 27  homes, rebuilt and 700 building permit applications received

  • 330 members in the Paradise Chamber of Commerce

  • School enrollment is 50% of pre-fire numbers, and unstoppable football teams

  • The fire debris removal program is 100% complete! 3.6 million total tons of debris removed—the same as four Golden Gate bridges, 16 Empire State Buildings, or 36 modern-day cruise ships

  • The water source at Paradise Lake remains unharmed by the fire.  Most of the standing homes that have been tested are cleared for potable water.  Damaged service lines are being fully replaced and then connected to potable water!

    Paradise, we have literally moved mountains!

    In just one year, we have clean air, clean soil, and clean water. We have places to eat, shop, and work. We might be a bit smaller, but we are just as mighty, and we continue to remove barriers for rebuilding on the Ridge. The resiliency, tenacity, and camaraderie of 2019 calls for one thing: celebration!

    Together, we celebrate each other, our town, and another page turned. We look forward eagerly to the narrative of a new year and a new decade. Humanity lives on through our willingness to write new chapters, so whether you’re in the process of rebuilding or considering a new life in Paradise, we invite you to help tell our story.

    2020 is our year: come on up, come on back, and come on home.

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