2024 Infrastructure Updates: Evacuation Zone Signs Coming to Paradise

Entering the sixth year of rebuilding, the Town of Paradise remains focused on projects that enhance the safety of the community.

The next project?

Placing Evacuation Zone Signs throughout the town.

The goal of these signs is to help people understand which Zone they’re in at any given moment. “We’re looking to increase awareness of where the geographic locations are for evacuation zones throughout the town,” said Marc Mattox, Paradise Public Works Director/Town Engineer.

These signs will function similarly to Tsunamic Hazard Area signs along the coast, notifying drivers as they enter and exit hazardous areas. The Evacuation Zone Signs will inform individuals about the specific zones they are entering or departing from.

“A lot of people may know where their home Zone is,” said Mattox. “But what’s nice about this is when you’re driving, you’ll see these Zone changes and be able to understand when there’s an evacuation called for Zones 3, 8, and 14, you might know that’s along the Pentz Road corridor.”

Installation of roadside signs has two additional benefits:

  1. Knowing as many Zones as possible will help residents and visitors better understand if a school or workplace is being evacuated.
  2. The Town’s Early Warning Sirens (EWS) and additional emergency notifications tools will become more effective as individuals gain a clearer understanding of the evacuated areas when Zones are announced through the EWS.

When will the project begin?

The placement of the Zone signs is expected to begin in February 2024 and should take a few weeks.

For more information, watch last week’s interview with Action News Now and Paradise Public Works Director Marc Mattox: Click here to watch.

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