5 Year Milestone

Community members gathered at Paradise Community Park Wednesday November 8, 2023 for the Town of Paradise 5 Year Camp Fire Commemorative Events- sealing of the community time capsule and 85 seconds of silence.

Town of Paradise 5 Year Milestone

To some, five years feels like only yesterday.

To others, it’s been several lifetimes.

To all, it’s been approximately 2,628,000 minutes.

Two and a half million minutes to grieve.

Two and a half million minutes to regrow.

Two and a half million minutes to rebuild.

In those two and a half million minutes, we’ve experienced grief, but we’ve also found the strength to regrow and rebuild. Five years ago, our town endured one of the most devastating wildfires in history, and we remember and honor those we lost and the memories that can never be recovered. We will never forget.

But in the midst of our mourning, we also celebrate the resilience of our community. We have come together as a new town, preserving our cherished history while looking ahead to a future we can shape ourselves. Against all odds, we’ve achieved remarkable progress, bringing back over 8,000 residents, and creating 2143 new homes, along with 434 apartments.

We’ve completed the infrastructure for a revived Downtown area, and we hope to bring a sewer to the Town in just a few short years. The Town repaving project is underway, making Paradise the only town in the US to have a plan for fully repaving every public roadway. Every resident now has a water meter, and 20 out of 21 sirens have been installed in the Early Warning Sirens system. In addition, the Downtown Project was completed to update roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, bike paths, lighting, and landscaping.

Our population may be smaller, but our sense of community is stronger than ever. Our canopies may be fewer, but our sunsets are more spectacular than words can describe. Here’s to another 2,628,000 minutes of witnessing those breathtaking sunsets and continuing to rebuild our beloved town.

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