It’s Spring in Paradise: 6 Activity Ideas to Make the Most of the Season

As the days get longer, it’s time to explore one of the most beautiful seasons in Paradise. You don’t need to venture far to experience everything springtime has to offers. Keep it local and support small businesses by enjoying activities in town! 6 Activities to Do During Spring in Paradise 1. Visit Paradise Lake Paradise […]

Essential Rebuilding Resources Available for the Town of Paradise Community

If you’re ready to rebuild or are new to Paradise and building for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. The Town of Paradise provides many building resources to support your rebuilding/building journey and ensure a seamless process. Town of Paradise Rebuilding Resources 1: Building Resiliency Center The Building Resiliency Center or BRC […]

Daffodils in Paradise: Our Town Flower Is in Bloom!

Spring is officially here, and daffodils have once again made their appearance throughout the town. Each year, these bright blooms cover the Ridge with their vibrant hues. Daffodils symbolize hope, rebirth, joy, and new beginnings, beautifully encapsulating Paradise’s journey toward recovery following the Camp Fire. Since 2020, daffodils have held a special significance as the […]

How the Measure V Citizen Oversight Committee Helps Rebuild Paradise

For Measure V Oversight Committee Chair Sharon Simonton, being active in the community is essential to helping rebuild Paradise. Shannon and eight other Paradise residents currently serve on the board of the Measure V Citizen Oversight Committee, which provides recommendations to Town Council and assists in monitoring and the reporting of the Measure’s tax monies […]

What is Measure V and how is it helping Paradise?

 ”Funded by Measure V” chances are you’ve come across this phrase in town on a police vehicle or fire engine. But what is Measure V exactly? What is Measure V? Measure V is a local sales tax that helps fund police, fire, animal control, and public works in Paradise. In 2014, the Town of Paradise […]

Meet Ron Lassonde, Paradise’s New Mayor

Ron Lassonde had never envisioned a career in politics. Instead, he had a background in the military and telecommunications. Serving as an officer in the Air Force for more than 21 years, he retired with the rank of Lt. Colonel. Then, he devoted another 21 years to the telecommunications industry, concluding his career from AT&T […]

Do You Know Your Zone?

Beginning in February 2024, the Town of Paradise will begin installing Evacuation Zone signs to assist in increased geographical awareness of Zones throughout the town. In preparation for this helpful safety project, take a few minutes to refresh your Zone knowledge! Review the information below, courtesy of Be Ready, Butte! What is a Zone? A […]

2024 Infrastructure Updates: Evacuation Zone Signs Coming to Paradise

Entering the sixth year of rebuilding, the Town of Paradise remains focused on projects that enhance the safety of the community. The next project? Placing Evacuation Zone Signs throughout the town. The goal of these signs is to help people understand which Zone they’re in at any given moment. “We’re looking to increase awareness of […]

5 Question Survey for 2024

It’s a new year! 2024 begins the 6th year of rebuilding and recovery and the Town wants to hear what YOU’RE excited about! What businesses do you want to see? Any restaurants you’d love to frequent? What stores do you want to shop at? Take this quick 5-question survey and let us know. Your answers […]

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