Butte Strong Fund Commits $1 Million Grant to Rebuild Innitatives

The Butte Strong Fund committed a $1 million grant that will continue to help pay permit fees for primary residences in Paradise as well as provide new incentives for rebuilding rentals and multi-family housing. The Town Council has approved the grant to include:

  1. Pay 50% of building permit fees (excluding plan check fees) for a single residence, up to $3,500.

  2. Grants for Rebuild Paradise Master Planned residences up to 100% of permit fees (excluding plan check fees) up to $3,500

  3. Grants for garages (up to 700 sq ft) associated with MH Advantage Manufactured Homes for 100% of permit fees (excluding plan check fees)

  4. Gives priority to rebuilding primary residences, with $250,000 used for second residences or multi-family structures, and 750,000 for primary residences.

Individuals can learn about the Rebuild Incentive Program by contacting the Town’s Development Services Department at the Building Resiliency Center in Paradise at 872-6291, ext. 411.  Thank you to North Valley Community Foundation Butte Strong Fund for this generous contribution!

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