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Building Resiliency Center

Supporting our residents as they rebuild is one of the Town’s top priorities. As one of the first community projects, the Town of Paradise is opening a Building Resiliency Center (BRC) designed to serve as a one-stop-shop for residents who are rebuilding, or even those who are considering rebuilding in the Town of Paradise.

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The Town’s building department will be located inside the BRC, where residents can ask questions, apply for permits and get all the information they need to rebuild their home.

The BRC will also offer housing counseling services to help residents understand grants and other resources available for their housing needs.

The BRC will be located at 6295 Skyway, in the building donated by Bank of America to the Town of Paradise for this purpose.

The goal is to have the BRC up and running well before the one year anniversary of the Camp Fire – November 8, 2019.