Community Thank You

The Town of Paradise has a long list of Thank Yous.

On November 8th, 2018 our lives changed forever. As we continue to heal, we must recognize the strides forward we've made, including the cementing of our unbreakable community spirit. Without the help of many people, organizations, surrounding communities, and the outpouring of resources this rebuild process wouldn't have been possible.

Butte Strong Fund, without this funding many resources during the rebuilding process would not exist. We hold a huge debt of gratitude to Butte Long Term Recovery who help us hold our heads high to look into the future as the rebuilding process continues. 

Thank you to our Town Council Members, who despite losing their homes put themselves on the front lines to lend a helping hand.  They have been the voice of the community, and provide continued energy and impact to push the process of rebuilding forward through various projects. 


Jody Jones - Mayor


Greg Bolin - Vice Mayor


Steve Crowder - Council Member

steve crowder.jpg

Melissa Schuster - Council member

Melissa _ ToP.jpg

Mike Zuccolillo - Council Member

Mike Zu.jpg

Thank you to our fellow burn scar victims outside of the Paradise Town limits.  Our experience, connection, and #ridgerising bond are unbreakable. Our efforts to rebuild and help one another could not happen without our geographical neighbors who were also affected by the fire. Magalia, Concow, and Butte canyon  - Thank you! 

Thank you to our surrounding communities in Butte County for taking us in, feeding us and offering resources we desperately needed during those first few weeks after the fire. 

Urban Design Associates: UDA not only jumped into the project to help but they listened, constructed a Long Term Recovery plan and did it with remarkable speed. Thank You UDA for rising to the challenge and exceeded our expectations.


The Long-Term Recovery Plan (“Community Vision”) includes the projects that were previously presented to the public for feedback.

The list of thank yous will continue to grow.