Community Vision:

Recovery Projects

The Town council has an opportunity to prioritize the town-led projects at its goal setting session in July. The council is only adopting the plan as a concept. All projects will go before the council at future meetings—some projects will go before the council many times during different phases of the project (e.g. design, engineering, grant approvals, etc.) All projects have different priorities, cost estimates, and proposed funding sources---these are all estimates. The vision is just a plan whereby funding agencies will allow us to apply for funding because it is included in our plan.

The Town Council was asked to adopt the Long-Term Recovery Plan (“Community Vision”) at a Special Town Council Meeting Tuesday Night, June 25, 2019 at the CMA Church on Clark Road in Paradise.

The community vision includes the projects that were previously presented to the public for feedback. These projects are not all Town-led projects---some projects will be undertaken by other agencies, entities or non-profits (e.g. PID is the lead on repairing the water system.)



Community Process


The residents of Paradise are central to the success of the recovery and will be the most important voices in the recovery planning.

  • The Town will listen to the residents at every step of the process.

  • Residents will help identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for the Town.

  • The planning team will assist residents in exploring and illustrating their visions.

  • Residents will provide direction and input on the ideas.



What We Heard

On February 22 and March 21, over 750 people attended three Listening Meetings. The most frequently mentioned Strengths, Weaknesses, and Visions are summarized below.

What are Paradise’s Weaknesses?

What are Paradise’s Strengths?


What are our Opportunities as a result of the disaster?



Listening Meetings

March 21 Listening Meeting with Resident Comments

Recap of May 22 Listening Meeting

Recap of April 18 Community Ideas Presentation

Recap of April 16 Listening Meeting

Recap of March 21 Listening Meetings