Completed Recovery Projects

Debris Removal

Debris from burned properties was a serious safety risk due to unstable grounds, ash, rust and damaged housing materials. The debris removal program ensured a total of 3.6 million total tons of debris removed—the is the same “ton” total as four Golden Gate bridges, 16 Empire State Buildings, or 36 modern-day cruise ships.

Completed: November 2019

Hazard Tree Removal

Thousands of trees were destroyed in the Camp Fire, many of them precariously close to homes and roadways frequented by residents and visitors. The Hazard Tree Removal program oversaw the removal of 88,730 hazardous trees that were a threat to fall into public and eligible private roads.

Completed: July 2021

Damaged Culvert Pipe Replacement

The excessively high heat from the fire melted many of the plastic, metal, and composite culvert pipes throughout town. Their damage resulted in collapsed roadways and sidewalks and unsafe driving experiences. These pipes were replaced with fire-resistant concrete pipes at various locations throughout the Town.

Completed: December 2018

Guard Rail Replacement

Lower Skyway heading toward Chico runs along the side of Butte Creek Canyon, necessitating guard rails for a safer driving experience, especially in inclement weather or excessive traffic. New guard rails replaced those burned and damaged in the fire.

Completed: December 2018

Skyway-Black Olive Signalization

To ensure a safer driving experience for every day and evacuations on a very busy and often congested roadway near the base of the town, a traffic signal was installed at the four-way intersection of Skyway and Black Olive Drive.

Completed: July 2020

Pentz Road Safe Routes to School Project

This project constructed a Class I bike-pedestrian path along the west side of Pentz Road between Bille Road and Wagstaff Road. Work also included the installation of a center two-way left-turn lane adjacent to the current Paradise Ridge Elementary School. 

Pre-fire, Pentz Road was one of the busiest roads in Paradise due to a large number of residents and businesses living on the road as well as the hospital, a gym, several churches, and an elementary school.  It was also a highly-trafficked pedestrian area for students walking to and from school, but the lack of sideway and shoulder made it very unsafe. 

In addition to increased safety for students and other pedestrians, this project sets precedent for the construction of other turn lanes and pathways that can serve double duty as evacuation routes during emergencies.

Completed: March 2022

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