Construction Begins on Hope Plaza

It’s an exciting time in Paradise: construction on Hope Plaza has begun! On Tuesday, May 17th, community members gathered for a short presentation to kick off the build. This memorial will have a deeper meaning for folks in Paradise, as it commemorates those who were impacted by the 2018 Camp Fire.

What is Hope Plaza?

Located at 6148 Skyway on the corner of Skyway and Foster, Hope Plaza will be a landmark dedicated to the memory of the Camp Fire. Designed by Melton Design Group with input from members of the community, it will “represent a long-term place where people can go and see the future, feel hope, understand the past, but realize that we can move forward.” Watch the video here!

It will be a place to both honor first responders and those who lost their lives as well as a place to inspire hope for the future. Visitors will be encouraged to pause, reflect, and remember. 

The Four Planned Memorial Sites

Once groundwork is complete, the construction of Hope Plaza will generally be completed on a project-by-project basis to complete four distinct areas of memorial:

Heroes Plaza – A low, circular wall surrounding the “Hope Tree” honors the multitude of first responders, heroes, and helpers who leaned in to support our community. Their gift of service will never be forgotten.

Reflection Forest – A wall of rusted and reflective stainless steel trees, etched with the names of the 85 who perished that day, provides a tangible source of comfort in the form of an everlasting place of peace.

Sphere of Inspiration – Providing a peaceful sanctuary, a granite sphere floats on a bed of water surrounded by a wall of water,. As it turns, it reveals words of inspiration etched into its surface.  

Pets and Wildlife Area – To acknowledge the loss of the many furred, feathered, finned, and scaled residents that were an integral part of our community.

The Construction Timeline & The People Behind It

Construction is scheduled to wrap in November 2023, the 5th anniversary of the Camp Fire. With a little less than two years to complete the project, 

Otto Construction, Inc. has stepped in as primary builder.staffing the project with contractors who are generously donating their time and materials to see the project through.

The Project is Funded Solely By Private Donors

The estimated $1.5 million project, chaired by Dana Gajda and steered by a group of generous volunteers, is funded entirely by private grants and donations. While the Town of Paradise gifted the land, no monetary contributions came from public funds or members of the community.

Donors  include the following:

  • North Valley Community Foundation/Butte Strong Fund – $250,000
  • Golden Valley Bank (Dan Kennedy Memoriam) – $25,000
  • Turner Construction Foundation – $15,000
  • Chico State CM Education Foundation – $12,000
  • Adventist Health Feather River Foundation – $10,000
  • US Bank – $5,000
  • PG&E – $5,000
  • Walmart – $1,000

View the entire donor list here.

Moving Forward Doesn’t Mean Forgotten

”Hope Plaza is a compassionate response to the very basic need for a physical place to acknowledge the immeasurable impact of the Camp Fire,” said Melissa Schuster, a member of the Hope Plaza committee. “It reminds us of how we were unified at that moment in time, and celebrates the profound courage, perseverance and resilience of this remarkable community. Together, we will celebrate our milestones and victories, show our immense gratitude to all of our ‘helpers,’ and inspire the world to move forward with us!”

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