Daffodils in Paradise: Our Town Flower Is in Bloom!

Spring is officially here, and daffodils have once again made their appearance throughout the town. Each year, these bright blooms cover the Ridge with their vibrant hues.

Daffodils symbolize hope, rebirth, joy, and new beginnings, beautifully encapsulating Paradise’s journey toward recovery following the Camp Fire. Since 2020, daffodils have held a special significance as the official town flower, a decision unanimously voted on by the Town Council, serving to continually remind us of the resilient spirit that defines our community.

Daffodils Brighten the Paradise Community

In 2008, Jayne Engels began planting daffodils around Paradise, Magalia, Concow, and the surrounding areas with the help of volunteers as part of the “Daffodils Across the Ridge” project. Their goal was to provide hope after the 2008 Humboldt Fire that burned lower Paradise. By the project’s completion, they had planted more than 130,000 daffodil bulbs!

Many of the original daffodils managed to endure the devastation of the Camp Fire. At the start of 2019, mere months after the fire, daffodils started to emerge from the ashes and debris, symbolizing resilience, and hope.

Today, the Paradise community continues to celebrate the joy and symbolism of these flowers through various annual events. One event is the upcoming Daffodil Dance and Duets on Saturday, March 23, at the Veterans Memorial Hall, 6550 Skyway. This event is organized by the Paradise Arts Theatre and Culture Hub (PATCH), serving as an annual entertainment and live music benefit. Tickets are still available for purchase!

Another special event was in November 2023, for the Town’s 5-Year which included a community daffodil planting. Volunteers helped beautify Paradise by planting daffodil bulbs at Community Park, and we’re thrilled to announce the first blooms have already emerged!

While you are in Paradise, keep an eye out for these blooming beauties.  Check out the gallery below to admire some of the captivating blooms scattered throughout Paradise.

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