Do You Know Your Zone?

Beginning in February 2024, the Town of Paradise will begin installing Evacuation Zone signs to assist in increased geographical awareness of Zones throughout the town.

In preparation for this helpful safety project, take a few minutes to refresh your Zone knowledge! Review the information below, courtesy of Be Ready, Butte!

What is a Zone?

A zone is a portion of the county designated as one in which the layout and population make for an ideal and orderly evacuation scenario. The Town of Paradise is split into 14 different zones for evacuations. For example, if you live off South Libby, you live in Zone 13. See all the Zones for Paradise here. Link to full-sized map.

Paradise Evacuation Zone Map

Sometimes you may see your Zones with additional letters. These are specific to emergency personnel during evacuations.

This map displays the Butte County Evacuation Zone Map.

For example:


BUT – Butte County

TOP – Town of Paradise

05 – Your Zone Number

A zone in Magalia might look a little different, for example:


BUT – Butte County

MA – Magalia

290 – The Evacuation Zone (which, in this case, includes the area from just north of Wycliff Way, south to Ponderosa and Creston Rd. Middle Butte Creek, east to Skyway)

Utilize this interactive map to determine your current Zone and access the evacuation status for each zones. Click on the pop- up for more detailed information.

Butte County Evacuation Zone Searchable Map

How do I know if my Zone needs to be evacuated?

In the event of a wildfire, flooding, or other emergency, that requires an evacuation, the Sheriff’s Department is the primary agency to order evacuations.

They generally issue three different types of notices, as defined by the County:

Immediate Evacuation Order:

Requires the immediate movement of people out of an affected area due to an imminent threat to life. Due to the changing nature of the emergency, this Immediate Evacuation Order may be the only warning that people in the affected area (s) receive.

Evacuation Warning:

Alerts people in an affected area (s) of potential threat to life and property. People who need additional time should consider evacuating at this time. An Evacuation Warning considers the probability that an area will be affected and prepares people for a potential Immediate Evacuation Order.


Advises people to stay secure at their current location by remaining in place as

evacuation will cause a higher potential for loss of life.

How will I know if my Zone has received one of these notices?

If a situation requires any of the notices listed above, the Sherrif’s office will alert residents through various communication channels:

  • Zone notice posted on Butte County Sherriff’s Social Media.
  • Early Warning Sirens: (EWS) 21 sirens throughout the Town of Paradise work in tandem with other existing emergency notifications to issue a warning siren and voice command throughout the town. The notice will announce which Zones are affected.
  • CodeRED Alerts: is a community notification system in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts. CodeRED notifications serve a valuable addition to the sirens, especially when you find yourself in a situation where you might not be able to hear them.
  • AM 1500 radio.
  • Town of Paradise Social Media Channels.
  • Local News Channels

Even in the current wet and rainy conditions, wildfires and emergencies can strike unexpectedly. Stay prepared by familiarizing yourself with your Zone and important locations, i.e. workplace, schools, and grocery stores.  

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