Do Your Have Dead or Dying Trees on Your Property? The Paradise Tree Removal Program May Be Able to Help

The Town of Paradise is excited to announce that after many years of advocacy and planning, we are launching our Tree Removal Program.  This project is funded by Hazard Mitigation Grant funds through FEMA/CalOES and will be managed by the Town’s Recovery and Economic Development Department.

  • This is a voluntary program to help property owners remove dead trees on private property.
  • Trees will be assessed over the late summer and early fall 2022; there is no obligation to remove trees after assessment.
  • Trees will be removed (if the property owner chooses to move forward) in spring 2023.
  • Cost to the property owner for removal, if any, will be known prior to enrollment for removal.
Enrollment Open July 25-September 30, 2022

At this time, you are able to signup for Phase 1 of this program.  Phase 1 consists of having your property assessed for eligible trees. No trees will be removed as part of Phase 1 or as a result of the application. 

Click here for the enrollment form

After eligible trees are identified and approved, Phase 2 of the project will be a process for removal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to apply for the program? 

We will be accepting applications through September 30, 2022.  

What does the assessment consist of? 

Town contracted arborists will visit your property, take an inventory, measurements and photos of trees to be included in the program. Trees will be marked with paint and a small barcode for tracking.

Do I have to remove all the trees assessed as eligible? 

Which trees are removed will be determined based on overall grant funding, the number of properties assessed and approved FEMA/CalOES eligibility.  A property owner is not required to remove any or all of the trees ultimately determined to be eligible. 

Can I sign up my neighbor’s property? 

Applications must be completed by the property owner of a parcel.  You are welcome to reach out and share applications with neighboring parcels.  

When will my property be assessed? 

Assessments will occur as properties enroll and will typically happen within a couple of weeks of an accepted application.

How much will this program cost?

The assessment phase of this project has no cost associated with it.  75% of the cost is being covered by the HMGP Grant and the remaining 25% is being covered by the Town of Paradise. 

The grant will cover 75% of the cost of tree removal in Phase 2.  The Town continues to work to find additional sources of funding to assist with the 25% share that would be the maximum amount required to be provided by the property owner for the removal phase. 

Who will assess the trees? 

The Town has a contract with TRAC certified arborists to assess all properties that apply.  The Town arborists must assess all properties for eligibility.  

When will I find out what trees were approved for removal? 

The Town will complete assessments on all properties enrolled by the end of October in order to get all of the information to FEMA/CalOES for the final eligibility determinations.  We expect to have approvals by the end of the winter months in order to proceed with the Phase 2 removal process in the spring of 2023.

When will the trees be cut and removed? 

Phase 2 removal of eligible trees will likely occur in the Spring of 2023.  There will be a secondary process that will be outlined when eligible trees are confirmed by FEMA/CalOES. 

I have trees that have fallen down on their own; will the program remove them for me? 

Yes, trees that have fallen are considered eligible for this program. 

I cut down trees but have not removed them; will the program remove them for me? 

Trees that have been previously cut but not removed will be noted by the assessment process with a request for inclusion, but eligibility for program removal will be determined on a case-by-case basis by FEMA/CalOES. 

I have a living tree  I don’t want. Can I have the tree removed through this program. 

The purpose of this grant is to reduce fire hazard so only dead trees or trees that will not survive beyond one year are eligible for this program. Removal of a non-dead tree by preference is not eligible for this program. 

Will all of my dead trees be removed the program? 

In Phase 1, all dead trees on a parcel will be assessed, marked and tagged.  Phase 2 will consist of property owners being notified of which trees have been approved for removal.  The Phase 2 process will allow for property owners to determine which of the eligible trees are ultimately removed based on preference and cost.  

Can I hire a tree contractor to remove the trees once they are marked and tagged in Phase 1? 

You are free to do anything with the trees on your property, but any trees removed between assessment and removal by the Phase 2 process would be ineligible for reimbursement through this program. 

For additional questions or assistance with the application, email, call (530) 872-6291 x162, or visit

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