Downtown Revitalization

Project Overview

Safe, walkable streets. Mom-and-pop shops and local cafes. Clean sidewalks and affordable housing. A place where the community gathers and friends connect. A vibrant downtown that supports a growing community of residents who share a wave or a bite to eat, families who bike together to Community Park, and local businesses with open doors to all who enter.

The idea of creating a safer, more walkable downtown area was built into the 2010 Downtown Master Plan, a document created and built with the community in mind. The original construction was scheduled to begin in late 2018. The Camp Fire delayed those plans but they were quickly re-incorporated into the Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Plan.

Construction began in 2021, with the goal of creating a vibrant space for people to gather, businesses to thrive, and the community to connect. This provides the necessary infrastructure to welcome additional businesses and amenities to the downtown area. Completed in 2023, it’s the largest infrastructure project completed by Paradise in years and is already paving the way for economic development. 

Benefit to Paradise

A safe, walkable downtown will allow for new businesses to come in and multifamily units to be built. Doing so will encourage community gathering and spending on the Ridge to boost economic vitality and help sustain Town services. Expanding the walkable downtown area away from the busy Skyway will allow for the Skyway to be widened in the future and provide for additional evacuation routes.

Project Timeline

After a series of redesigns, hazard tree removals, and undergrounding of utilities, construction began in April 2021. The project was completed in Spring of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Paradise downtown, currently centered on busy Skyway, will be growing east to the more walkable Almond/Fir/Birch/Black Olive area. Black Olive, Elliott, Pearson, and Skyway will be the primary exterior borders.

Yes. For that expansion to happen, sidewalks, drainage, storm pipes, re-paving crumbling roads, landscaping, pedestrian lighting, interconnected pathways, bike lanes, and underground utilities were put in place.

This project is the town’s largest infrastructure project in decades. More officially known as the “Almond Street / Gap Closure Projects,” the project fills in the “gaps” in sidewalks and other crucial infrastructure needs to allow for a flourishing downtown area. 

While the sewer project is still in development stages, the general idea is that trench lines would be installed in the future and the downtown area would be restored to pre-construction conditions.

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