Q: What is the process for water flow reports for mandated residential fire sprinkler systems?

A:  This is the process for fire flows for rebuilding in the Town of Paradise:

Residential Site-Built Rebuilds:

  • Applicants will submit directly to PID on PID’s own application form and pay the adopted PID fire flow fees.

Manufactured Home Installations/Replacements:

  • Applicants will submit to Fire Station 81 on the standard fire flow form and pay the adopted fire flow fees;

  • Upon completion, FD will continue to email a copy of the fire flow to the town hall staff. 

    • If fire sprinklers are required (because of flow or distance), the applicant(s) will need to make a subsequent submittal to PID for their fire flow to size the sprinklers. 

New Construction on Unaffected Vacant Lots:

Applicants will submit to both Fire Station 81 and PID on their respective application forms and pay the adopted fire flow fees to each agency.

Lindsay Cox