Q: What is happening with Trees?

A:  Public assistance funding has been approved for a Hazard Tree Removal Program to remove trees on private property that may fall on public roads. More information about the program, which parcels are eligible, and how to enroll will follow in the next few weeks. The Town is also applying for funding through FEMA for hazard mitigation which will assist with tree removal. We should find out about whether than funding has been awarded in the next few months.  The Butte County Fire Safe Council has also announced a new program to address hazard trees on private property. View the guidelines at https://makeitparadise.org/grants
The deadline to enroll is October 25th, 2019. This program will be conducted on a first come, first serve basis and help cannot be guaranteed to all qualified landowners.
To enroll, contact:
Taylor Nilsson at the Butte County Fire Safe Council
Phone - (530) 966-1620
Email - taylorn@buttefiresafe.net

Lindsay Cox