Q: What’s going on with the trees?

A: The removal of dead and dying trees after the Camp Fire is of vital importance to our rebuilding efforts. After the fire, PG&E and the Town of Paradise removed trees that were of immediate hazard and/or were in the public right of way to allow Paradise residents to return. Tree removal efforts are ongoing, and you will likely see many tree crews throughout Paradise. PG&E is still working on removing trees that are hazardous to their power lines as well as to their crews that are working on properties. Debris removal crews may also remove trees that are dangerous to their crews while they are working. 

The Town of Paradise deployed a team of arborists the week of May 13th. These arborists will be assessing all the trees that are remaining on public roads and in the Town’s right of way. Arborist crews will not enter private property. The assessment will be completed within the next several weeks to determine the scope of the tree removal that is required, and will make a plan to remove the trees at that time. 

Trees on private property: Trees on private property are one of our biggest challenges. These trees are the responsibility of the property owner to remove if necessary, however it can be very expensive to remove large trees especially on the scale we are experiencing. The Town of Paradise is working with our federal and state recovery partners to make funding available to offset this cost for property owners. While we do not have a program in place yet, we are working hard to provide relief to property owners with trees that need to be removed. The Town will make a public announcement if and when a solution is found for funding.