Q: What causes building plans to be held up in plan check?

A: The following items can cause a delay in plan check:

Bedroom count does not match the septic size. Check the property file ahead of time to confirm the septic size and maximum square footage allowed. 

Septic systems are not being accurately shown on the site plan. Original installation maps are on file for a majority of the septic systems in town and copies can be requested at XXXXXXXX. For those systems with no installation records, contact a Town of Paradise licensed septic evaluator to camera or probe the lines for you. 

Plans that are not properly scaled. Floor plans are scaled to an architects scale (1/8”=1’, 3/16”=1’, etc) and site plans (birds eye view of the property) are scaled to an engineers scale (1”=20’[preferred], 1”=30’, 1”=40’, etc).

Truss and fire sprinkler deferrals are not being noted on the plans. If plans are being submitted without truss calculations or fire sprinkler plans note it on the cover sheet of the plan set. 

Plan sets need a cover sheet, or block, with the compete project description listed such as square footage of house, garage, covered concrete, the occupancy types (R-3, U), the code cycle the plans are drawn to, and everything else on the rebuild checklist for the cover sheet (also called a title sheet).

Fire flow forms from PID are not being submitted with the fire sprinkler plans which are used to verify the calculations. 

Not enough sets of plans are being brought in. Refer to the rebuild checklist – 3 complete sets for building plus 2 additional site plans and 1 floor plan for the sanitation division. 

The property is not zoned for the type of application being submitted. Houses can be rebuilt in residential zones, anything else will require some additional steps to rebuild as a non-conforming use and that’s a process that needs to be completed prior to building permit application.

Lindsay Cox