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Q. Who is the current fire prevention inspector for the town? How does the town plan to enforce defensible space? And are there plans to hire another prevention inspector?

A. The Town’s Fire inspector is Chris Rainey. He is currently identifying and contacting properties that require weed abatement. The Town plans to follow our normal process of contacting, notifying and then citing if necessary to gain compliance. We recognize this is a big issue, and we are looking at staffing to see how many inspectors are needed for this task.

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Q: How will The Town alert citizens during PG&E power shut down if there is another fire? How will citizens that don’t have landlines be alerted?

A: The Town of Paradise will utilize Code Red, the reverse 911 system we had prior to the fire. If you are not already registered, please do so here: It will be particularly challenging to alert residents during an emergency if there is no electricity. Residents are reminded to be aware of their surroundings, be prepared with a go bag and supplies, and follow the news when possible.

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