I Want to Open a Business in Paradise; What Do I Need to Know?

Paradise is one of the fastest-growing towns in California, and with that growth comes the exciting opportunity for more business to support a burgeoning population. Already, we’ve seen restaurants, gas stations, theatres, grocery stores, orchards, schools, travel agencies, spas, churches, real estate, nurseries, and many other organizations return, reopen, and revitalize the Ridge.

And yet, there is still tremendous opportunity for even more new business to support the economic future of Paradise. If you’ve been thinking about a new business you’d like to open, or you’re just curious about what it takes to start a new company in town, you’ve come to the right place.

Susan Hartman, Town of Paradise Community Development Director of Planning & Wastewater, walks us through what’s needed to start a new business:

What are the five things a new business should do first?

  1. Check the zoning: It’s important to determine if the proposed use of your business is permitted at the site you want to use. For example: An educational facility would not be permitted in the Industrial zone and a scrap yard would not be permitted in the Downtown or in residential zones.

  2. Contact the Onsite Wastewater Division. This team will help you assess any septic system reviews or inspections necessary to open a business at your location.

  3. File for an online business license with the Town of Paradise.

  4. Determine if you need to file a fictitious business name. Check with the Butte County Clerk-Recorder’s Office.

  5. Determine if you need a seller’s permit. If your business includes selling or leasing tangible personal property, check with the California Dept of Tax & Fee Administration on how to obtain a seller’s permit.

What are the advantages of opening a new business in Paradise?

There are many segments of the retail industry not currently represented in the Town post-fire. Businesses filling those niches would have a dedicated customer base. In particular, there are many construction workers populating the Town during the work week. Businesses catering to their needs, such as food service and construction suppliers, would be popular.

What’s a surprising thing new business owners don’t think about? 

There is no central sewer system in Paradise, and all commercial businesses have different septic requirements based on the activities of the business and the number of employees/customers. Connecting with the Onsite Wastewater Division early in the process will help keep things moving in the right direction.

What’s a most common question from potential business owners?

Q: “What are the Town’s rules on business signs?”

A: Signs are regulated by the type of sign and the zoning of the property. The Town’s sign regulations can be found here.

What should I consider about Paradise in particular, as a rebuilding town, in opening a new business? 

We’re one of the fastest growing towns in California, which indicates new and returning residents want to make Paradise their home. There is currently more commercial property availability in the Downtown area than ever before for those who want to be part of the planned revitalization of our Downtown.

Best place to get started?

Check out the Town’s webpage for starting a business!

Interested in learning more about overall Town infrastructure projects? Visit our Long Term Recovery Page.

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