It’s Spring in Paradise: 6 Activity Ideas to Make the Most of the Season

As the days get longer, it’s time to explore one of the most beautiful seasons in Paradise. You don’t need to venture far to experience everything springtime has to offers. Keep it local and support small businesses by enjoying activities in town!

6 Activities to Do During Spring in Paradise

1. Visit Paradise Lake

Paradise Lake remains a great destination for its recreational offerings and breathtaking scenery. Enjoy lunch in the picnic area nestled in the shade, kayak across the waters, or go for a bike ride along the Paradise Lake Trail. Whichever option you select, you’re assured a delightful day outdoors!

2. Check Out the Yellowstone Kelly Trail

During springtime, the Yellowstone Kelly Trail is vibrant green, making it a lovely spot to ride your bike or walk along the paved path. Along the pathway are numerous informative plaques detailing the town’s rich history. And best of all: the trail will take you through the Community Park, where you’ll see the daffodils in bloom!

3. Attend an Event

The Paradise Recreation and Park District (PRPD) organizes a variety of nature outings and events listed on their events calendar. Spring 2024 events include Kids Fishing Day, the Gold Nugget Craft Fair, and Astronomy on the Lake. Visit the calendar to find activities that capture your interest!

4. Go Thrifting

If you find yourself facing a rainy day in town consider venturing indoors to explore a variety of thrift shops in Paradise. From antique stores to vintage boutiques, you’ll never know what treasures you might uncover!

5. Plant a Garden

Take advantage of springtime weather and plant a garden. Whether you plant a small indoor herb garden or a large outdoor vegetable farm, seeing your plants grow is rewarding and to have fresh produce at your fingertips is a plus! Need help getting started? Shop for all your plant needs at one of Paradise’s home and garden stores.

6. Explore the Arts

Did you know Paradise has a thriving entertainment scene? Paradise Arts, Theatre, and Culture Hub (PATCH), Theatre on the Ridge (TOTR), and the Paradise Performing Arts Center (PPAC) hold many events, from theater performances to live musical concerts, be sure to add one to your springtime calendar!

Resources: Where to Find Spring Activities

Before we look at specific ideas for enjoying spring in Paradise, bookmark these helpful sites to help you plan your days.

  • Welcome to the Ridge: Plan your visit based on the type of outing you’re looking for, whether a weekend in Paradise, a romantic evening, or a day with the whole family.
  • Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce: Check out the business directory for a list of local restaurants and entertainment options.
  • Make It Paradise: Read the Make It Paradise blog to learn about what’s going on in town.
  • Paradise Recreation and Park District: Peek at the events calendar for a variety of activities for kids and adults.

Spring in Paradise is full of fun things to do. We hope this list helps you enjoy many activities over the coming months—and thanks for supporting local Paradise businesses!

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