Meet Jeremy Vesely: Paradise Landscape Photographer

A Grand Sunrise on Lumachrome TruLife with a Custom Knotty Alder Frame, by Jeremy Vesely Photography
A Grand Sunrise on Lumachrome TruLife with a Custom Knotty Alder Frame, by Jeremy Vesely Photography

If you’ve been to Gold Nugget Days, Johnny Appleseed Days, or any other community events in town, there’s a good chance you’ve stopped by Jeremy Vesely’s booth. And for good reason: his photographs make it hard for anybody to pass by without stopping for a second—or third—look.

Jeremy Vesely Photography, born in earnest after the 2018 Camp Fire, has become a much-beloved business on the Ridge, sought after by locals and visitors alike for breathtaking landscape photographs. 

Born and raised on the pines, fresh air, and mountains of Paradise, Jeremy’s appreciation for nature was a fundamental part of his upbringing. A hobby he developed in his spare time alongside working and raising a young family, photography moved to the forefront after the fire. Jeremy had a realization: he wanted to do more to help his community recover. He started shooting photos of Paradise and surrounding areas in their post-fire states, aiming to capture the beauty and resilience of his beloved town as it rose from the ashes.

“The sense of togetherness and determination in the people of Paradise was an incredible inspiration for me,” said Jeremy. “Their unstoppable spirit, their ability to rise from the ashes, and their unwavering commitment resonates deeply. It feels like coming home every day.”

Nearly five years since launching his business in earnest, his work has not only helped preserve the memory of the ridge’s diverse scenery but also helped the community see their home in a whole new light. His goal? Provide a way for residents to come together with a shared sense of identity and purpose.

“I hope my images can provide comfort, inspiration, and pride in our hometown,” he noted. “Art has the power to connect us in a way that nothing else can. It gives us a way to share our stories, and to see the stories of others.”

Some of his favorite scenes to photograph?

“Paradise Lake holds a particularly special place in my heart—and portfolio.” A tranquil oasis surrounded by whispering pines, the lake was a common destination for family trips as a kid, and it continues to be one of his favorite scenes. Similarly, Sawmill Peak, a landmark seen from all over the ridge, holds fond family memories and is a favorite subject of his as well.

Now a proud member of the Paradise business community, Jeremy is thrilled with the incredible infrastructure improvements across the town. Working from home, surrounded by some of the very landscapes that inspire his creativity, he benefits from the cutting-edge fiber-optic connection to help him connect with clients and manage his business.

Every day, he continues to find ways to bring his unique landscape shots to living rooms across the Ridge. The process of rebirth and growth, as the community comes together to reconstruct their beloved town, presents a wealth of poignant moments and powerful stories waiting to be shared with the world. His greatest joy in it all? “The unexpected ability to forge connections with others—the collective spirit of Paradise in every interaction.”

Find Jeremy’s work online at and locally at several shops on the ridge, including Nothing But Love and the Skyway Antique Mall. Be sure to stop by his booth at the next fair or event!

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