Meet Kevin Phillips: New Town Manager, Parent, Lover of Sandwiches

He enjoys a good peanut butter sandwich for lunch. On pre-pandemic weekends, he coached basketball for his sons and officiated at school swim meets. Town Manager by day, COVID-homeschooler also by day, Kevin Phillips navigates a world familiar to many families during these times.

September marks Phillips’ first month in the role, previously serving as Paradise Irrigation District (PID)’s District Manager for the last two years and before that as Chief Financial Officer for 10 years.

With a long history in accounting, Phillips brings a unique skill set and financial background to the Town Manager position. Using the Long Term Recovery Plan as his guide, he looks forward to working closely with the Town Council to navigate next steps forward for Paradise.

First up in the plan? Tackling weed abatement, trees, and the RV ordinance. Stay tuned for continued updates on these three key areas of recovery! In the meantime, Phillips spends his time digging into the job, learning about each department, and working with the Council.

A native of Arroyo Grande, Phillips has called Butte County home since 2000, when he and his wife, also an accountant, landed jobs at the same accounting firm in Chico. They’re now proud parents to an 8th grader, 6th grader, and 2nd grader and spend life together as a family, playing sports, and volunteering.

For Phillips, the resilient, pioneering spirit of Paradise is one of the best parts of life on the Ridge. He especially appreciates the warm welcome for every new and returning resident and business and the general spirit of camaraderie.

“It’s neighbors helping neighbors,” Phillips observed.

Especially now, with ashy skies hitting close to home for many, the outpouring of support and reassurance is evident everywhere.

“The people of Paradise share a bond that can only be called family, and the safety of our family remains our top priority. Our residents, businesses and the Town of Paradise are here for each other through these difficult times.”

Okay, Kevin, tell us your:

Go-to place to grab a quick lunch? Nic’s! (When I’m not having PB sandwich). She is an amazing woman!

Most common purchase at Holiday Market? Sandwich. They have a great deli.

Favorite view on the Ridge? Valley View

Coffee order at Starbucks? Venti Pike’s Place

Tree preference: pine v. oak tree? Oak. They’re native to the area and more fire-resistant than pine.

Least favorite weed? Scotch broom (they’re the worst!)

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