Meet Ron Lassonde, Paradise’s New Mayor

Ron Lassonde had never envisioned a career in politics. Instead, he had a background in the military and telecommunications. Serving as an officer in the Air Force for more than 21 years, he retired with the rank of Lt. Colonel. Then, he devoted another 21 years to the telecommunications industry, concluding his career from AT&T in July 2018.

Ron was elected to a four-year term of office on the Paradise Town Council on November 8, 2022.  Prior to running for Town Council, Ron served as a Paradise Planning Commissioner, appointed to a four-year term on July 21, 2020. Ron was also appointed to the Measure V Oversight Committee as an alternate on January 25, 2022.

Ron was then elected by his fellow Council Members to serve as Mayor for a one-year term ending December 10, 2024. 

Ron’s Move to Paradise

Ron and his wife moved to Paradise in November 2017; however, they’d been coming up to Paradise for the past 40 years to visit relatives.

“We’ve been coming up here for years to visit my wife’s brother-in-law, who lived nearby,” said Ron. “Eventually, it made sense to leave the Bay Area and move to Paradise.”

Ron wasted no time getting involved in the Paradise community. In addition to becoming a member of the Mountain Ridge Singers, attending the local Ridge Presbyterian Church, and serving as the Commander of the Paradise Chapter of Disabled American Veterans, Ron was on a search for answers.

Following the Camp Fire, persistent rumors of water quality and the town’s viability reached him, and he wanted to find the answers. Attending numerous Community Information Meetings, he made it his mission to spread truthful information with all his friends and family, with the goal of aiding Paradise in its recovery and success.

Ron’s Plans for the Community

In his role as mayor, Ron actively contributes to steering community development in collaboration with fellow Council members. Throughout his term, he strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increasing Town Growth: As Mayor Lassonde said: “In order to have more homes, you need businesses.” He wants to support the Town and Chamber in making it easier for businesses to grow and streamline the home-building process for new and returning residents.
  • Championing the Sewer: “It’s a big effort to ensure we have a usable infrastructure to have businesses thrive,” said Mayor Lassonde. The completion of the sewer project over the next few years will make it easier and more affordable for businesses to operate on The Ridge.

But Mayor Lassonde’s ultimate goal? For people to love Paradise just as much as he does. “I want to make Paradise a destination,” he said. “And to be excited about coming to Paradise, whether that’s as a visitor or resident.”

Excitement for the Future of Paradise

In addition to fast high-speed internet and great water already in place, Paradise residents have much to look forward to in the coming years. Mayor Lassonde is especially excited to see the following advancements coming to Paradise:

  • Sewer completion
  • Additional trails and sidewalks
  • Roe Road extension
  • Completion of the Road Paving Project

“I know the roads are rough,” he said. “But just give us three years. We will have the best roads in the nation.”

And according to Mayor Lassonde, “Five years from now, people will wish they moved earlier.” He continues, “Due to all the reconstruction, Paradise will be in demand. I’m excited to be a part of the growth that brings it back better than it was pre-fire.”

Ron’s Paradise in Paradise

Fortunately for Mayor Lassonde, he doesn’t have to go far for what he considers the best spot in Paradise.

“I love sitting out on my back porch,” said Mayor Lassonde. “There’s an amazing view of the sunset.”

You can reach out to Ron with questions, concerns, or feedback about Paradise at or (925) 413-4903.

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