”Moms Of The Ridge”: Creating Community & Enriching Children’s Lives

Photo courtesy of “Moms Of The Ridge”

Introducing the “Moms Of The Ridge”: Your hub for baby shower planning, PTO meetings, book club gatherings, and endless family fun!

What is “Moms Of The Ridge”?

“Moms Of The Ridge” is a nonprofit organization that aims to create a nurturing community where mothers, families, caregivers, and guardians can share enriching experiences for children while prioritizing self-care and mental health.

According to founder Staci Galla, “Moms Of The Ridge” has two primary goals:

  1. Help create friendships and allow moms to collaborate with other moms of the ridge.
  2. Provide fun, community opportunities for mothers and kids without the financial burden.

“Moms Of The Ridge” is well on track to achieving their goals. “We’ve hosted over 150 local events,” said Galla, “and last Christmas, we gave gifts to 100 Ridge children.”

Becoming a 501c3 Nonprofit

The future of “Moms Of The Ridge” is exciting—especially due to its new status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. “Before becoming a nonprofit, I’d been funding almost everything,” said Galla. Knowing that wasn’t a sustainable method long term, she decided to explore other opportunities. I found out about the grants available for nonprofits and all the different financial benefits.”

Becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit means “Moms Of The Ridge” is also considered tax-exempt by the IRS, thanks to their charitable contributions to the local area. With these extra funds, Galla and her team can invest more in the organization, such as hosting additional events and activities that benefit the Paradise community.

How “Moms Of The Ridge” Started

Galla first moved to Paradise in 2015 and returned a few years later post-fire. “My son was one at the time,” she said. “I only knew three other moms, and I was desperate to find kid-friendly activities.” She soon made a Facebook group to connect with other mothers and organize park playdates.

“[I wanted to] bridge the gap between pre-fire and post-fire people who were looking for ways to join the community during rebuilding,” she said.

From there, “Moms Of The Ridge” was born.

Current & Future Projects

“Moms Of The Ridge” just wrapped up their first father-daughter dance, with many other exciting family events and activities to look forward to in the future. “Some people have even met their best friends because of the group,” she said. That’s exactly what Staci hopes Moms of the Ridge will continue to do: bring people together and create meaningful friendships.

Another project near and dear to the “Moms Of The Ridge” is their Birthday Box program, which delivers a “party in a box” to a child in need. This way, all children—regardless of their circumstances—can enjoy a birthday celebration. You can contribute by donating party supplies and gifts to “Moms Of The Ridge” —click here for more information.

Photo courtesy of “Moms Of The Ridge”

Check the “Moms Of The Ridge” event calendar for upcoming events, like the ribbon cutting on May 23, fire and police station tours (date TBD), and the egg drop on July 4th. Follow along with their Facebook page and donate to help fund future events and community gatherings!

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