Organizations Doing Amazing Things in Paradise

For the last three years, Paradise has accomplished extraordinary things in rebuilding. An expanding population, a growing economy, and involved people continue to set the example for other recovering communities worldwide.

So much of this success in rebuilding is due to the incredible organizations committed to seeing Paradise thrive. Below are some memorable 2021 moments from a few of these organizations–as well as their goals for the coming year.

Rebuild Paradise Foundation

A 2020 California Nonprofit of the Year, the Rebuild Paradise Foundation is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to residents, businesses, workforce and advocacy for Butte County’s disaster-affected communities. The Rebuild Paradise Foundation works with other nonprofits, donors, and agencies to provide the resources needed to rebuild and repopulate.

2021: The Rebuild Paradise Foundation granted over 1.2 million dollars directly to 357 residents for pre-construction expenses! They also added an 11th floor plan to their Master Floor plan library, giving residents more options for low-cost master plans. And they welcomed a new executive director, Jen Goodlin.

2022: For 2022, the Foundation is looking forward to adding a 12th master plan, continuing their grant programs, and creating a new, extremely useful, improvement to their online mapping resource. They also look forward to new visions and ideas for continuing to rebuild the Ridge.

Paradise Recreation and Parks District

Paradise Recreation and Park District (PRPD) was incorporated in 1948, a full 31 years before the Town itself was officially incorporated! It offers services to the Town of Paradise, Paradise Pines, Butte Creek Canyon, and the Concow area. In addition to a vast array of recreation programs, PRPD maintains 73 acres of developed parks and 348 acres of open space, as well as swimming pools, fishing pond, play fields, horse arena, archery range, ropes course, walking trails, picnic areas, tennis courts, playgrounds, open use areas, and a recreation center.

2021: Last year, PRPD continued to provide an incredible variety of programs for residents of all ages, a sure sign of a thriving and engaged community. Some standout programs included a fully revamped Winter Wonderland, Movies in the Park, Broom Bustin’ Parties, Pinewood Derby Races, kayak rentals on Paradise Lake, Drone Camp, Pony 101, and many new offerings.

2022: PRPD plans to break ground on Lakeridge Park and the Magalia Paradise Lake Loop Trail in June 2022, providing unprecedented opportunities for activity and recreation in the Paradise Pines area.

Welcome to Paradise Signs

“The Sign Committee,” a group of dedicated Paradise volunteers, has been committed to replacing the famous Paradise sign on Skyway as well as the one on Clark Road after the fire. For nearly three years, they gathered donations through a fund with the North Valley Community Foundation. The committee invited designers to contribute their visions for the new signs, and then asked the public to vote. The winner was Brian Firth Landscape Architect, Inc., with a design reminiscent of the previous design and long-lasting, sustainable materials.

2021: As of December 2021, the sign was nearly complete! A host of local organizations have contributed to the materials, labor, and installation.

2022: The sign is anticipated to be completed early this year, with a dedication ceremony to follow soon after! Restoring the Welcome to Paradise signs is a moving tribute to our community and another step forward in recovery.

Paradise Unified School District

Crucial to a thriving community is a school system that supports the educational needs of its children. Paradise Unified School District has gone above and beyond, focusing not only on the academic goals of its students, but also the social and emotional ones, especially in wake of the Camp Fire and the global pandemic. PUSD has been continually resourceful and innovative in its commitment to our next generations.

2021: PUSD is committed to top-notch education and state-of-the-art facilities. In 2021, the District saw the beginning of construction for the new Ridgeview High, new tennis courts, an administration building, and a new gym at Paradise High School, and Paradise Ridge Elementary School opened for the first time as the new elementary school in town on the original Ponderosa space.

“We Will Soar!” said Paradise Ridge Elementary School Principal

2022: Starting the year off with the student-first mentality PUSD is known for, Paradise High School opened the Ridge Retreat Wellness Center. It’s also contributing to workforce placement with a variety of job openings for teachers, substitutes, administrative assistants, bus drivers, yard duties, and more!

And so many more!

There are so many other incredible organizations doing great things in Paradise, and we are so proud and thankful for their love of the Town and community. A big thank you as well to North Valley Community Fund/Butte Strong Fund; Camp Fire Collaborative; Camp Fire Restoration Project; Paradise Irrigation District; Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce; Hope Plaza Committee; Regenerating Paradise; Paradise Fire Department; CAL FIRE; and many more!

Thank you for all you do in helping Paradise continue to be all its name implies.

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