Paradise Population & Demographics

As we kick off a brand-new year, it’s an exciting time to take a look at how far our Town has come in rebuilding.

Population and demographics:


  • Currently 7,500 per 2021 Town of Paradise Commercial Retail Market Analysis
    • This is a 35% growth since the fire and represents nearly 28% of the Town’s 2018 pre-fire population.

Average Daily Traffic

  • Extremely active daytime population driven by construction and recovery
    • 76% Passenger Vehicles
    • 24% Heavy Vehicles (normal is 5-10%)
  • 2022 trips per capita = 1.86 (116% higher than 2018)

Infrastructure projects and timelines

  • Sewer: The EIR is in process, with construction estimated to begin 2024
  • Roads: $73 million has been allocated to repave all public roads, with construction already underway
  • Undergrounding utilities (power, ATT, and Comcast) is in progress, with a completion date in 2024
  • Downtown Project: Currently under construction 

Water data

  • Water in Paradise is safe to drink and tastes great
  • Paradise water is the most heavily tested water in the country
  • Clarity is 10x California’s standard

Current permit numbers:

  • 2716 applications received for single-family homes
    • 1737 homes have Certificates of Occupancy
  • 694 applications received for multifamily homes
    • 376 units have a Certificate of Occupancy

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