Paradise Sewer

Project Overview

An essential part of rebuilding Paradise is ensuring its stability and growth for years to come. The implementation of a sewer system for the greater downtown area is key to this development. The proposed sewer service area, first envisioned in 1979 with the Town’s incorporation and now finally making significant forward steps, will allow more types and sizes of businesses to open and support the rebuilding economy, providing a long-term solution for wastewater collection, transport, and treatment.

Benefits to Paradise

The Sewer Project will encourage a thriving core and downtown area. Without a sewer system, many businesses and buildings are limited in size and scope due to septic system constraints, preventing growth in what could be a vibrant commercial section of town.


  1. Provide wastewater disposal surety to help businesses and jobs return to Paradise and spur on recovery
  2. Allow for more densely-populated residential development in the Town to help increase affordable housing
  3. Improve Paradise groundwater quality by decreasing septic tank discharges
  4. Create a wastewater solution supported by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board and partner agencies to help create opportunities for additional funding

Project Status

The Town has selected Mountain Cascade Inc. and Carollo as the Progressive Design- Build (PBD) team.

Frequently Asked Questions

The proposed sewer service area would be primarily in the downtown area and encompassed by Clark Road, Skyway, and Pearson Road.

The most realistic system would use a single pipeline to convey Paradise wastewater down Skyway and across south Chico to the Chico Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP). At the Chico WPCP, Paradise wastewater will blend with Chico wastewater. The combined flow will receive high-level treatment before discharging to the Sacramento River.

The Town of Paradise is the lead agency for the overall project effort as well as the Environmental Impact Report. A Sewer Regionalization Project Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee) has been formed which is composed of members from the Councils of the Town of Paradise and the City of Chico. The Advisory Committee is actively developing draft principles of agreement which could lead to a formal contract between the Town of Paradise and City of Chico for the purposes of governing wastewater treatment services provided by the City to the Town. The Advisory Committee also hears regular updates on the Town’s Environmental Impact Report.

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