Step 1: Listening

The first step in this process is to listen to residents. This will include a range of opportunities for residents to participate:

  • March 19 Open House 

  • March 21 Listening Meeting 

  • Stakeholder interviews 

  • Online surveys and comments

Step 2: Exploring Ideas

The second step will be to test ideas with the residents and determine which ideas have community support. This will include:

  • Community Workshop (April 16-18) 

  • April 16 Open House

  • April 18 Presentation of Community Ideas

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Online surveys and comments

Step 3: Deciding

After the community’s ideas have been explored, the implementable ideas that have community support will be refined further and presented back to the community for additional input. This step will include:

  • Presentation of the refined community vision (date TBD) 

  • Online surveys and comments 

  • Presentation of recommendations to Town Council