Positive-i in Paradise

Hope, relaxation, and self-confidence—these are the mantras behind Positive-i, a unique healing wellness center that first came to Paradise in 2010 and reopened just months after the fire. 

How Positive-i began

Fresh out of massage school, Christina Burton first opened Positive-i in Chico before moving the center to Paradise. “I was 26 years old, pregnant with my first child, and on a mission to create a healing wellness center for people to build self-confidence, feel their beauty, and let go of the comparison and expectations of the pressured world.” 

The Monterey transplant-turned Chico State graduate modeled her center on a wellness resort in her hometown, hoping to bring a renewing massage and yoga center to the area. Her vision quickly evolved after moving to Paradise, growing from a massage and yoga studio into an epic dance, circus, retail, and special event love movement. 

“We offered 30 classes a week for kids and adults,” said Burton. “Belly dance, ballet, hip hop, aerial yoga, lyra, circus acrobats, fire dancing, and massage therapy, performing twice a year at the Paradise Performing Arts Center.”

By 2018, they’d outgrown three locations and moved into a 3,800 square-foot circus dream’s warehouse on Skyway. 

The fire, of course, halted many of these activities—but not for long. 

Where they are now

Burton reopened Positive-I two months after the Camp Fire, hosting circus classes, online workshops, and fire trauma/meditation classes at her temporary Chico house rental until we could return to Paradise. “I decided to re-open Positive-i as soon as possible,” she said. “I wanted to provide hope, support, love, and a sense of home to our circus family who stayed in town.” 

The smaller, yet resilient, circus family returned to the site of their first studio on Skyway, a building Burton purchased back in 2013. Students and teachers were able to restart classes as soon as it was safe, and the studio has operated out of this downtown dance studio ever since.

Nearly four years later, Positive-i is regrowing its student body, its teacher corps—and its offerings! In addition to dance and circus classes, the center offers self love workshops, Goddess Circles, and destination retreats. 

In addition, the center is expanding by returning to its roots. “With the increased need for trauma, spiritual, and emotional healing in Paradise,” said Burton, “I’ve recently decided to return back to what started Positive-i in the beginning: the massage & breathwork movement.” With her sister Jessica, she recently opened a sister spa location for Positive-i on Clark Road, offering lash extensions, spray tans, massage therapy, and sound healing. The Skyway circus studio will continue to offer full dance, aerial, and healing classes.

They’re bringing back business

As part of the growing business community, Burton is keenly aware of the incredible potential for opportunity in Paradise. As families move back to the area or choose Paradise to relocate, the need for services expands. “More and more businesses are opening, she said. “Be the first to open your vision/dream for this town before someone else does!”

And helping the Town renew

Together, the students and staff of Positive-i are excited to see Paradise rebuild into a positive, encouraging, and sustainable town. They’re proud to offer a place for residents and visitors to heal from the inside out, through shared experiences, movement, entertainment, and laughter. “Without motivated, loving and hopeful humans/artists, how would our town rebuild?!” 

“Anything is possible when we believe in ourselves and our growing community,” Burton continued. Not even a burned town can stop us from dancing, flying & creating magic. It’s up to us to put our next foot forward.”

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