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Recovery Milestones

It’s a new day in Paradise!

Every year, Paradise continues to rebuild better and stronger with more opportunities for businesses and families to thrive. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

Year 1

  • 200+ businesses opened or re-opened in Paradise
  • 27 homes were rebuilt and 700 building permit applications received
  • 330 members in the Paradise Chamber of Commerce
  • School enrollment was 50% of pre-fire numbers
  • The fire debris removal program was 100% complete! 3.6 million total tons of debris removedthe same as four Golden Gate bridges, 16 Empire State Buildings, or 36 modern-day cruise ships
  • After rigorous testing and replacement of damaged service lines, potable water returns. Damaged service lines are being fully replaced and then connected to potable water!

Year 2

Homes rebuilt: 445

Paradise residents and community members spent the 2nd Anniversary of the Camp Fire in remembrance. It was a meaningful day with a daffodil giveaway, sponsored by the Town of Paradise, Adventist Health, and Déjà Vu Gardens Galore Nursery. Local Artist Jess Mercer’s Ridge Wellness Project brought many to submit their letters of hope and well wishes. The pandemic hit just a few months into Year 2 of recovery for the Town, and Paradise continued to move forward with recovery and rebuilding, with over 445 homes receiving a Certificate of Occupancy.

Year 3

Homes rebuilt: 1106
Businesses: 350+
Populations: 6,000

2021 was a year of continued growth and celebration. Over 1000 single-family and multi-family homes were completed and issued a Certificate of Occupancy, with over 350 businesses calling Paradise home. The hazard tree removal program was completed, and the population continued to grow.

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