Recovery Projects Coming Soon


Project: Many sidewalks throughout town were damaged in the fire and in the subsequent debris and hazard tree removal and undergrounding efforts. The goal is to replace damaged sidewalks throughout the town for increased walkability.

Funding: Grant and Local Match

Status: Actively bidding. Construction is expected in 2022.

Road and Business Signs

Project: Many signs were burned in the fire. To increase business visibility, road safety and overall town aesthetics, these signs will be replaced or removed.

Funding: Grant and local match

Status: In Progress.

Transportation Master Plan

Project: The Camp Fire made the need for an updated transportation assessment to ensure safety for pedestrians and drivers. This project includes an assessment and subsequent guide to future transportation projects and policies as the town rebuilds.

Funding: Grant

Status: Under development. Completion is expected in April 2022.

Storm Drain Master Plan

Project: The reduction in trees and structures have resulted in fewer roots and buildings needed to offset storm water runoff. A new plan is needed to assess and guide storm drain infrastructure.

Funding: Grant and local match

Status: Under development. Completion is expected in June 2022.

Evacuation Route Improvements

Project: Many roads in Paradise have only one lane in each direction and/or little to no shoulder. There is a clear need to widen existing evacuation corridors for additional capacity in emergency events. 

Funding: Unfunded

Status: In Progress. Pentz Rd completed. 

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