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Recovery Projects

Early Warning System

Project Overview

An Early Warning System is a multichannel system designed to warn residents of emergencies, reduce 911 and individual-to-individual calls, and create a clear call to action.  The creation of an Early Warning System (EWS) will provide a way to alert Paradise residents of emergency through multiple and redundant means including siren, audible voice messages, text, and phone call.

Benefit to Paradise

An Early Warning System is an immediate, loud, and consistent way to notify residents of any hazardous event in a timely manner via sirens, voice messages, text and more. The system is designed to be redundant, meaning there are multiple ways for residents to be notified in an emergency in case one or more methods of communication is impacted by the emergency itself.

Estimated Timeframe

The Town is awaiting the result of a pending grant application through FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) for construction.  If the grant is received, construction could begin in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the EWS will include 21 sirens located throughout the Town of Paradise.  These sirens will also utilize voice messages in addition to siren tones.

Right after the fire, the Town of Paradise submitted applications for funding for several Hazard Mitigation Projects including the EWS.  FEMA granted the Town funds to design the system, which was completed in November 2020.  The Town then applied again to FEMA for grant funding to construct the system, and we are waiting to hear whether the funds will be awarded.  As of February 2022, FEMA has indicated a response will be given very soon.  If funds are awarded, the Town will immediately issue an Request for Proposals (RFP) to construct the system.

Yes, the EWS has been designed to include 21 siren towers located at specific areas in Town to ensure audibility from any location in Town limits.

During construction of the system, the Town will publish information for residents to understand how the EWS will be used.  Once constructed, regular testing will occur to familiarize residents with the system and what to expect.

The 21 siren towers will be located at strategic locations in Town to ensure audibility within Town limits.  The majority of sirens will be placed on public property, and those on private property will be located with the prior agreement of the property owner.

Read the Advanced Planning Report for the Early Warning System

For more information, contact Colette Curtis, Recovery and Economic Development Director at or (530) 872-6291 ext 112.

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