Recovery Projects

Town-Wide Road Improvements

Project Overview


Funded by FEMA + FHWA $90M Grant

The Camp Fire created significant damage to the Paradise road system and simultaneously highlighted areas of opportunity for road improvement.



The fire and subsequent hazard tree and debris removal process dramatically damaged the roadways throughout Paradise. The high heat from the fire and the heavy debris and tree removal trucks caused extensive cracking, potholes, and erosion. As such, Paradise roads are now in very poor condition. Town-Wide Road improvements will see to the repair and replacement of damaged public roads for a safer driving experience in Town and in case of an emergency evacuation.



The goal is to repair and repave all the public streets in the entire town in the next five years. Pavement rehabilitation and new striping will be the primary visible changes.

Benefit to Paradise

93 miles of public roads will be repaired to improve driving and safety. Additional connecting roads and widening of roads will allow more cars to evacuate more quickly in event of an emergency.

Estimated Timeframe

The design will be complete in early 2022.

Construction is expected to begin in summer 2022 through 2025.

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