Recreating Beauty on the Ridge

As one of the five key focuses of the Long-Term Recovery Plan, a Greener Paradise works toward important goals like energy efficient buildings and sustainable development. These goals come to life in projects like erosion control, green space and shade tree regrowth, and land management.

And that’s where the Reseeding Program for public parks and spaces comes in!

Great! What is reseeding, exactly?

Much like it sounds, reseeding is the process of planting seeds and plants in areas where they’ve been removed, whether intentionally or by natural disaster like wildfire. Reseeding generally takes place in areas where plants don’t naturally grow or can’t regrow, especially if a disaster was very extremWhy reseed? Reasons include erosion and landslide prevention, warding off invasive weeds and grasses, establishing native plants, improving wildlife habitats, and providing food for livestock.

If you are reseeding your own property, this will probably look like grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers that provide shade, outdoor play spaces, and foliage you enjoy. For more tips on reseeding residential property under defensible space guidelines, check out F.R.A.P, the Paradise Municipal Code, or email

Why is it important for Paradise?

As we continue to recover from the Camp Fire, the community’s efforts to replenish what we love most about Paradise includes our trees! The Reseeding Program will inform us where we should reseed in public spaces, what we should reseed, and how we can make it happen.

What parks and public areas of Paradise will be reseeded?

This is what will be determined by the contractor and by discussions with the community. It will include evaluation and planning for Town-owned property and approved community-property, such as schools and parks.

We’ve heard oak is quite resistant to fire. What kind of plants and trees will be included in the reseeding?

To be determined! The contractors we hire will be specialists in this field and help determine the best possible vegetation and trees to replant in Paradise.

Here’s an estimated timeline for reseeding for Paradise:

  • Hire a contractor to evaluate and establish next steps for reseeding – early 2021

  • Community input and education opportunities – 2021

  • Wait for tree removal program to complete – 2021-2022

  • Seek funding to implement reseeding program – 2022

  • Implement reseeding program 2022-2024

More information coming soon!

As you can see from the timeline above, we’re in the initial phases of this project referred to as “Reseeding Scoping and Plan.” The Town of Paradise recently received a grant from the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program through FEMA to hire a contractor to evaluate and create a plan for reseeding.

Once that company is hired, they’ll help create a Plan to more specifically answer where, what, and how the full program will unfold. This plan will also allow for the Town to provide education to the community on where, what and how they can reseed on their property.

In our thoughtful rebuild process, we’re careful to consider all pieces of the puzzle. For example, it’s important to wait to re-seed public areas and spaces along roads until we finish removing trees and improving the road systems so we can avoid having to dig out new seeds. However, if you’re reseeding on your own property, we encourage you to do so!

As we move through the process, you’ll be sure to know about next steps. We’re all looking forward to a greener Paradise!

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