Paradise deeply values the safety of its residents and takes every measure possible to kee​​p residents informed before and during emergencies. A comprehensive public safety program of notifications, alerts, training, and education has been established to help prepare and protect citizens.

Early Warning Sirens

EWS The Early Warning Sirens (EWS) consist of 21 siren towers distributed throughout Paradise’s town limits. In the event of evacuation emergencies, these sirens will be activated to notify residents with message-siren-message intervals. 

Funded by FEMA/Cal OES Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, the EWS is part of the overall communication strategy designed to coordinate with existing emergency notification systems, such as social media posts/websites, press releases, AM 1500 radio, and CodeRED/IPAWS/WEA.

The locations of the completed towers are as follows:

  1. Town Hall
  2. Police Department
  3. Pentz and Pearson
  4. Crestmoor and Rose
  5. Gregory and Waggoner
  6. Clark and Yellowstone Kelly Memorial Trail
  7. Maxwell and Fairview
  8. Pentz and Ely
  9. Roe and Scottwood
  10. Neal and Grinding Rock
  11. American Way
  12. Pentz and Water Tower
  13. Bille and W. Wagstaff
  14. Foster and Apple
  15. Pearson and Clark
  16. Sawmill and Nunneley
  17. Pentz and Peach
  18. Bennett and S. Libby
  19. Russell and Skyway
  20. Clark and Bille
  21. Rocky Lane

For more detailed information, visit the Town of Paradise Early Warning Sirens Page

Evacuation Zone Signs

Completed in April 2024, the Town installed Evacuation Zone Signs throughout Paradise to inform individuals about specific zones they are entering or departing from.

Fire Safety

Fire prevention is the first step in keeping Paradise safe, and the Paradise Fire Department takes education, facility inspections, and site inspections very seriously. Residents are encouraged to educate themselves through resources like Be Ready, Butte! and the Butte Fire Safe Council, understanding what to do during Red Flag Warnings (an increased risk for fire danger), and being up to date with defensible space/hazardous fuel management clearance requirements. 


CodeRED is a community notification system through Butte County, that sends texts or calls to enrolled phone numbers during emergencies or critical community alerts. Through this system, you may also receive evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water advisories, and missing child reports.

Make it Paradise Newsletter

This newsletter is designed to keep you informed of the ongoing recovery efforts as we rebuild Paradise.  Each week you will receive a newsletter with events, current numbers (building permits, etc.), current topics and a weekly Q&A.

Occasionally, we may send out an extra newsletter pertaining to an upcoming event or important information.