TOP POP Recap April 2023

Photo courtesy of Rebuild Paradise.

What do you get when put a gold miner photo cutout and Croc charm giveaway in one booth? The Town of Paradise 4th TOP POP, of course!

On Saturday, April 28th and Sunday, April 29th, Rebuild Paradise Foundation hosted the 4th in our monthly series of community events celebrating Ridge renewal with a special booth at the Gold Nugget Days events!

Photo courtesy of Rebuild Paradise.

The Rebuild Paradise Foundation is dedicated to supporting the recovery of the Town after the Camp Fire, providing floor plans, grants, and many other rebuilding resources for those moving to the Ridge.

At the event, Rebuild Paradise had a Croc charm giveaway, a photobooth option to be a gold miner, and a poster paper where people would write what they love about the Ridge.

“My favorite quote on the paper,” said Jen Goodlin, Executive Director for Rebuild Paradise, “was a man who said the reason he loves the Ridge is because ‘I met a girl from Paradise.’”

Many people visited the booth to grab a Croc charm, take pictures in the booth (one visitor even photographed their dog as a miner!), and learn more about rebuilding resources.

“We loved getting to interact and see so many people who make this town our community.  You all are creative and inspiring! Thank you for making us laugh with your silly photos, sharing your incredible stories and showing off your unique Croc styles.”

If you didn’t get a chance to grab a Croc charm for yourself, feel free to stop by the Rebuild Paradise Foundation offices at 6067 Skyway, Suite B.

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