TOP POP Recap January 2023

TOP POP is off to an exciting start! Also known as the Town of Paradise Pop-Ups, this 12-month series of community events is held in honor of the 5th year of rebuilding Paradise. The events will be hosted by various organizations and partners to highlight different aspects of our Town, our investment in recovery, and our celebration for what the future holds.

The first TOP POP, entitled “Submit Your 2023 Resolutions for Paradise” was hosted by Jess Mercer of the Equilibrium Wellness Center at Paradise Stronger. Residents were invited to come write and/or draw their hopes and dreams and visions for the future of Paradise. All submissions were then added to a live art display in the Wellness Center for all visitors to enjoy.

“For two days,” said Mercer, “Paradise Stronger opened its doors and welcomed the community inside to explore the many tools to access bettering your mental and physical health. Members of the community were invited to join in a workout, play some games in the community center, grab a snack in the kitchen, or add to our art exhibit. We enjoyed being a gathering space for the community and providing a safe and enriching experience for everyone that attended.”

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