TOP POP Recap March 2023

TOP POP Recap March 2023: Goat Yoga at the Paradise Grazing Festival

Everyone—including the goats—enjoyed our third TOP POP event: “Goat Yoga at the Paradise Grazing Festival!” See the above photos for evidence. Not only did attendees enjoy a relaxing yoga class, but they also interacted with baby goats. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday, in our opinion!

This event followed the February TOP POP event, “To Paradise with Love: Wildflower Seed Giveaway with Déjà Vu Gardens Galore Nursery.” Learn more about TOP POP events and see the February TOP POP event recap here.

This was the first-time doing Goat Yoga for many of the hundreds of attendees, including the goats, which made for a unique experience for both parties. “Some of the goats were more interested in people than others,” said Missy Ravi Taran Barnard, one of the yoga instructors. “And some of the people were more interested in yoga than others. Overall, it was a great experience for all of us!”

During the four yoga sessions, people of all ages stretched, practiced breathing techniques, and had a chance to enjoy the present moment. That’s what yoga is all about, after all–learning to let it, all go and just be-e-e-e-e.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who made Goat Yoga happen in Paradise,” said Meg Helms, another yoga instructor. “I love yoga and I love goats; teaching this was truly a dream come true!”

It’s hard to say whether the attendees, yoga teachers, or goats had more fun. But regardless, both yoga teachers agree that it’s something they’d love to do again next year!

The Town is hosting free TOP POP events once a month for the rest of 2023. Don’t miss the next one, April 29th and 30th on Gold Nugget Day!

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