ToP Tips: Keep the Rebuild Process Moving While Sheltering-in-Place

Thanks to the resiliency of our residents and essential workers in Paradise, rebuilding continues during the COVID-19 crisis. Your continued commitment to sheltering-in-place helps keep everybody safe.

While at home, there are several steps you can take to ensure your rebuild process moves forward.

Schedule Your Septic Inspection

Now’s the time to ascertain your septic situation. From your home, it’s easy to schedule an inspection of your existing septic system for any post-fire damage. This will determine if it can be certified for reuse or if you’ll need to replace as part of your rebuilding process. Find a Town-licensed evaluator here, call  (530) 872-6291 x411, or email for assistance.

Schedule Your Property Survey

Lot line certifications are required for rebuilding to protect property rights by enforcing building setback requirements. Schedule a property line survey or verification with a land surveyor or civil engineer licensed in land surveying. Call our Rebuild Advocates at (530) 872-6291 x429 or x430 to find a surveyor.

Reconnect Water Service Through PID

Connecting your water service is just as easy as it was pre-stay-at-home orders. While the PID office is currently closed to the public, helpful staff are still available by phone! For most service issues and questions, including scheduling water reconnection, give them a call at (530) 877-4971.

Fill Out And Submit Your Tree ROE Online Or By Mail

Property owners must enroll in the private or government hazardous tree removal program. If you choose private, now’s the time to schedule an inspector to verify the removal of hazard trees. If you’d like to enroll in the government program, fill out your Tree ROE at or call the Tree ROE Center directly at (530) 552-3030. You may also submit your ROE and Inspection Access forms at or by mailing to 205 Mira Loma Dr., Ste 50, Oroville, CA 95965. The deadline is May 1, 2020.

Call PG&E and Request Service

Did you know that for a final building permit to be issued, you’ll need a PG&E service application number? This simply means you’ve requested PG&E services at your property. Head over to or call 1-877-743-7782 to schedule service and obtain an application number. The earlier you contact PG&E, the better!

As always, our goal is to safely support our community while we recover together!

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