Town of Paradise 2022 Year in Review

2022 has been twelve months of exciting recovery projects, and we made so much progress during our fourth year of rebuilding Paradise. We’re so thankful to all the organizations, residents, and volunteers who’ve been a part of the Town’s recovery. 

Here are a few of the highlights we’ve accomplished together this year:

Repaving Started on Skyway

We began repaving Skyway this year, with a goal to repave the whole town by 2025. We’re well on our way! Click here to view the map of the Paradise Road Repave Project.

Long Term Recovery Plan Updated

In 2022, the Town updated the Long Term Recovery Plan to reflect new priorities and projects for the ongoing rebuilding of Paradise.

Image courtesy of Paradise Sewer.

Paradise Sewer Project Updates

The Paradise Sewer Project will provide a long-term solution for wastewater collection, transport, and treatment in specific areas of Paradise. We finished the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and we are preparing for the design phase of the project.  We’re that much closer to beginning the construction process!

Early Warning System Approved and Preparing Installation

The Early Warning System will notify residents of an emergency using 21 siren towers, which will provide a redundant notification system with siren and voice commands all across Paradise. In 2022, FEMA awarded the Town funding to construct the system. The town approved the system, chose a builder, and began prepping for the build. We are now laying the groundwork for the towers which are expected to be installed in Spring 2023.  

Pentz Road Safe Routes to School Project Completed

The town repaved and improved Pentz Rd between Bille and Wagstaff which now includes a center turn lane and a multi-use pathway which can be used for walking or biking, and in the case of emergency can be used for evacuation or emergency vehicles.  This project was designed to improve the walkability, bikeability, and overall safety of the road leading to Paradise Ridge Elementary, and also serves as a model for other road improvements in town to add evacuation capacity.   

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan was completed in 2022. This document will guide transportation improvements, like evacuation needs and pedestrian pathways. Read more about it here.

Helen Putnam Award

The Town of Paradise received the 2022 Helen Putnam Award, which celebrates city governments with innovative solutions to complex programs. They recognized Paradise for their “Excellence in Planning and Environmental Quality for the Long Term Community Recovery Plan.” The Town created the Long Term Recovery Plan to guide the rebuild after the Camp Fire.

New Businesses

In 2022, many businesses reopened or opened their doors for the first time in Paradise. From restaurants to salons, stores to accountants, real estate to graphic design, we are proud to support a wide variety of industries and business types on the Ridge.

Tree Removal Program

In an effort to remove hazardous trees that are a barrier to rebuilding, the Town launched the Paradise Tree Removal Program. In 2022, residents were able to apply for dead tree removal from their properties, and the actual removal will begin in 2023.  This program is funded by a Hazard Mitigation Grant through FEMA.

Business Investment Grant Program

The Town offered $5,000 grants to both new and existing businesses in Paradise as part of the Business Investment Grant (BIG) Program. This is a way for Paradise to thank business owners for investing in the community! If you’d like to apply for the 2023 year, turn in your grant application by January 16, 2023.

CDBG DR Infrastructure Award

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) awarded Paradise $199 million to fund specific evacuation and recovery projects for years to come.

Here’s to 2022 and a prosperous and happy 2023!

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