Town of Paradise Weekly Recovery Update 09-11-2019


Thursdays  6 – 8:00pm       

Paradise Community Dinner

Paradise Alliance Church

Location: 6491 Clark Rd

Fri. Sept. 20th 3-4:30 pm

Town of Paradise Contractors Discussion

Paradise Town Hall

Location: 5555 Skyway

Tues. Oct. 1st, 6 pm`

Paradise Community Information Meeting

Paradise Alliance Church

Location: 6491 Clark Rd

Sat. Oct. 5th and Sun. Oct. 6th 10am

Johnny Appleseed Days

Terry Ashe Park

Location: 6626 Skyway

Tues. Oct. 8th 6-10pm

Town Council Meeting

Town of Paradise – Town Hall

Location: 5555 Skyway


10,557 Properties cleared of debris

6,738 Properties certified clean by County

317 Applications received total  

3 Homes rebuilt (Certificate of Occupancy issued)


  • The Town is on track to receive 500 building applications by the end of the year!  Initially, the Town expected to receive about 200 applications by December 31st, but stronger than expected interest in rebuilding has surpassed our projections.

  • It has been nearly one year since the Camp Fire, and many events are being planned for the week of November 8th. The Town will hold several events on Friday, November 8th:

    • 11:08 am:  86 seconds of silence for the 86 lives lost, and the unveiling of the “Key Phoenix” – Building Resiliency Center – 6295 Skyway

    • 12:00 pm:  Groundbreaking at Camp Fire Memorial – Skyway/Foster Triangle

    • 6:30 pm:  Camp Fire Remembrance Ceremony – Paradise Alliance Church 6491 Clark Rd. 

  • NEW PROGRAM: State Controller’s Office has announced applications being accepted for the Property Tax Postponement (PTP) Program.

    • Benefit: Defer current-year payment of property taxes on their principal residence.

    • Eligibility:

    -Homeowners who are seniors, blind, or have a disability.

    -Must have 40% equity in their home AND an annual household income of $35,500 or less to qualify. To learn more visit

  • Governor Newsom signed legislation that will temporarily waive the requirement that all new homes be built with solar panels for homes rebuilt after the Camp Fire.  Homes must be rebuilt prior to January 1, 2023, to be eligible for the exemption.   

  • Paradise Recreation and Park District (PRPD) will bring the Ice Rink back to Paradise starting November 7, 2019!  They are currently looking for sponsors and for seasonal employees to work at the rink. For more information, contact PRPD at (530) 872-6393. The deadline to apply is Sept. 23rd.

  • Council Recap – Town Council met on Tuesday the 10th and took action on several items:

    • Council approved the zoning ordinances to prohibit railroad tie structures or retaining walls, set the minimum size for a primary dwelling at 750 sqft, and approved a 2 year period in which property owners with dwellings less than 750 sqft prior to the fire could submit plans to rebuild a similar-sized structure.  They also approved the requirement that manufactured homes be no more than 10 years old from the date of manufacture.

    • Council approved a zoning ordinance amendment allowing properties with legal non-conforming use 2 years to reconstruct their dwelling without having to go through the usual application and hearing required.  This exemption from the hearing process does not apply to properties in the Central Business Zone (Downtown area).

    • Council gave direction to staff to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the environmental study for the sewer project.

    • Council approved the defensible space ordinance presented by the Fire Chief which would prohibit any combustible material immediately adjacent to structures and allow only low-growing vegetation within 5 feet of any structure or building.  

    • November 8th was officially designed “Camp Fire Remembrance Day”, and there will be 86 seconds of silence observed for the 86 lives lost at 11:08 am.   

  • Ribbon Cuttings this month:

    • Pee Wee Pre School: Sept. 17th at 7196 Skyway 6-7pm

    • Bunch Electric: Sept. 20th at 164 Pearson Rd 3:30-4: 30 pm

    • DH Construction: Sept. 26th at 3851 Morrow Lane Ste 14 Chico, Ca 5:30-7pm 

    • Grand Reopening of the Horse Festival Sept. 29th at PHA Horse Arena 6706 Moore Rd 10am-3pm

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