Town of Paradise Weekly Recovery Update 1-13-2021

Current Statistics:

Single Family Homes

1,436 Building Permit Applications Received

1,281 Building Permits issued

578   Homes Rebuilt (certificate of occupancy issued)

Multi-Family Units

291 Multi-Family Unit Applications Received

279 Multi-Family Unit Permits Issued

72  Multi-Family Unit Permits Rebuilt (certificate of occupancy issued)


February 1st, 2021: Private Program “Cut By” Deadline for property owners who have contracted with a tree contractor.


Provided by the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce: Every week we will spotlight a business in Paradise to encourage shopping locally and supporting economic recovery in Paradise – and maybe uncover a business you haven’t heard of before! This week we’re focusing on Meeho’s Mexican Restaurant Ready to serve you breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Meeho’s Mexican Restaurant cooks up authentic flavor right here on the Ridge. Visit their website at to view their menu, including their famous 2 Lb. grande burrito. Meeho’s, 6808 Skyway, Paradise, Monday-Saturday 8AM5PM. (530) 762-2591

Three new Donut shops coming to Paradise! That’s right, soon Paradise residents will have three delicious choices when searching for that perfect morning pastry. Mad Natter’s Donuts is working on plans to open in James Square on Clark Rd. The Holiday Market Shopping Center will be the new home of G & C Donut Shop, and Dolly O’s Donuts is submitting plans to rebuild in their original location! Welcome to Donut Paradise!

Thinking of opening a business in Paradise?  The Town of Paradise offers Business Development meetings for prospective business owners to go over the process of opening a business in Paradise.  Call Colette Curtis at (530) 872-6291 x112 or email her at to schedule an appointment.

Grants Available to Small Businesses

Grants are available up to $25,000 for eligible small businesses effected by COVID-19. Funds are available through the Small Business Association and the COVID-19 Relief Grant Program. Applications are due by Friday, January 8th. Learn more at

Preview of 2021

As we embark on our third year of recovery after the Camp Fire, the Town of Paradise is excited to share some exciting project milestones we anticipate in 2021.

  • Removing Hazardous Trees – Removing barriers to rebuilding: The Government Tree Program is currently removing about 200-250 hazardous trees per day. We expect this program to be completed in the first quarter of 2021. The Town of Paradise has applied for additional Federal funding to remove the remaining hazardous trees on private property that were not eligible for the government program. If we receive the funding, the Town will start removing those additional trees later this year.

  • Reseeding Program Plan – Recreating beauty on the Ridge: The next step after removing hazardous trees damaged by the Camp Fire is to re-plant and re-seed our community. The Town received a grant for this purpose and will be welcoming proposals in early 2021 from contractors to evaluate and establish next steps for reseeding after tree removal and educating the community on vegetation opportunities. Once a contractor has been established, we anticipate community input and education opportunities throughout 2021. Upon completion of the plan, the Town will seek funding to implement a re-seeding program in 2022-2024.

  • Sewer – Economic recovery and opportunity: With Council’s approval of the Regional Sewer Connection to the City of Chico late last year, the Town has begun the Environmental Review Process for the Sewer Project. The project would install a sewer in the primarily commercial areas of Skyway, Pearson and Clark. The Environmental process is expected to take about 18 months, then we will move on to design and construction in about 3-5 years. A sewer for the primarily commercial areas of Paradise is important for the recovery of our businesses and economy. For more information on this important project, visit

  • Early Warning System – Safety for our residents in an emergency: The safety of our residents continues to be our top priority. With the Early Warning System plan completed and approved last fall, the Town is submitting a grant application for construction funding. Pending approval, construction is estimated to begin in 2021.

  • Broadband Services – Increased access for businesses and residents: We anticipate our Broadband Feasibility Study to be completed and presented in early 2021. This will answer questions about the possibilities we have for a broadband community and what implementation would look like. In the coming years, we will have a focus on establishing implementation opportunities.

  • Roads– Prioritizing road improvements: In 2021 The Town will be working on our Transportation Master Plan, funded by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) last year. This study will conduct a holistic analysis of the Paradise transportation network and will outline critical gaps in infrastructure, conflicts, pinch points and other barriers to potential future evacuation events. Using this information, the study will identify priorities and a plan for town-wide safety and circulation improvements.


Home Builders Resource Virtual Connection

An opportunity to connect rebuilders with the trades and resources needed to build in the Paradise community is once again taking place, with a virtual change. Companies will become accessible through a 2-minute video shared with community members who attend. This is a great way to learn about your local resources.

 Visit to view the growing video gallery!

The Town of Paradise Tree Advocates can provide personal assistance through this process, if you are enrolled in the Private Program, the Government Program, or don’t know where to start. Tree Advocates can be reached at or by calling 530.872.6291 x 162 or 163.

Town Hall and the Building Resiliency Center Open by Appointment.

Due to the change to the purple Tier in Butte County, Town Hall and the BRC are open by appointment only. Please call (530) 872-6291 for existing appointments or to schedule a new appointment. Below are the extensions for assistance:

Business and Housing x126 or x130

Code Enforcement x110

Finance Department x121

Tree Advocates x162 or x163

Building Resiliency Center x411

General Information x101

Are you a new property owner in Paradise?

Congratulations on purchasing property in the Town of Paradise! If you are building, we want to make sure you are informed on lot upkeep during the process. Please contact the Town of Paradise if you have any questions regarding weed or tree removal on your property. If you wish to have your hazardous trees removed in the Government Hazard Tree Removal Program, please call the Tree ROE Center at 530.552.3030. 

Have questions regarding your rebuild?  Rebuild Advocates are here to help! 

If you need help navigating the rebuild process, the Town of Paradise has Rebuild Advocates available to assist.  They can help with the following:  Navigating insurance, FEMA or SBA, understanding additional financing options, selecting a contractor, submitting plants, or any part of the rebuild process.  They are available at the Building Resiliency Center by appointment only.  Please call 530.872.6291 x429 x430 to make an in-person (depending on COVID status) or phone appointment today!

Make it Paradise Newsletter

This newsletter is designed to keep you informed of the ongoing recovery efforts as we rebuild Paradise.  Each week you will receive a newsletter with events, current numbers (building permits, etc.), current topics and a weekly Q&A.

Occasionally, we may send out an extra newsletter pertaining to an upcoming event or important information.