Town of Paradise Weekly Recovery Update 1-20-21

Current Statistics:

Single Family Homes

1,446 Building Permit Applications Received

1,294 Building Permits issued

594   Homes Rebuilt (certificate of occupancy issued)

Multi-Family Units

291 Multi-Family Unit Applications Received

279 Multi-Family Unit Permits Issued

80  Multi-Family Unit Permits Rebuilt (certificate of occupancy issued)


February 1st, 2021: Private Program “Cut By” Deadline


Provided by the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce: Every week we will spotlight a business in Paradise to encourage shopping locally and supporting economic recovery in Paradise – and maybe uncover a business you haven’t heard of before! This week we’re focusing on the always fashionable Bobbi’s Boutique.  Bobbi’s Boutique offers the Ridge to brand-name women’s clothing, jewelry, and handbags. Visit now to take advantage of a new 70% off rack! Keep up to date with great sales and finds at: or visit in person at 6264 Skyway, Paradise, Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-5PM. (530) 564-4227.

Thinking of opening a business in Paradise?  The Town of Paradise offers Business Development meetings for prospective business owners to go over the process of opening a business in Paradise.  Call Colette Curtis at (530) 872-6291 x112 or email her at to schedule an appointment.


High Wind Events and Trees

As high wind events continue this winter, there is increased potential for fire damaged trees and healthy trees to fall in Paradise. Property owners in the Private Program are required to remove their trees by the February 1, 2021, deadline. The Government Hazard Tree Removal Program continues to remove eligible hazard trees on enrolled properties at a steady pace, and is working as quickly as conditions allow.

As we work through this process, residents who are aware of trees that pose an immediate threat to life safety should stay back and warn others in the areas. Trees that threaten life safety that are also marked by the State (blue dot, barcode) should be reported to:

Tree Advocates (for trees in the Town of Paradise)

(530) 872-6291 x162 or 163

Tree Removal Operations Center (for trees in the County)

(530) 767-7011 or (530) 767-7012

Our Paradise community is in the midst of rebuilding, and there are many hazards remaining as we recover.  During this time, stay aware of your surroundings, of you feel unsafe, please take action to ensure your safety. 

PRPD Awarded Grant for Trail Construction

The Paradise Recreation and Park District (District) announced the award of $507,392 for the Magalia and Paradise Lake Loop and Butte County Rail Trail Project. The funding will help construct a multi-use natural surface trail loop to connect the community to recreational resources. The project will provide an amenity that helps promote healing through nature in a community traumatized by the Camp Fire. In support of this new cycle of trail expansion, the District has launched a trails page and requests public input on trail needs (please visit: ).  In the future, the page will show trail information, events, volunteer opportunities, and maps. 

Upper Ridge Community Plan Workshop

The Butte County Upper Ridge Community Plan Project Team has implemented a Workshop on Wednesday, January 27th from 6:00-7:30PM via Zoom. Learn more about the project and the brainstorm session at  

Home Builders Resource Virtual Connection

An opportunity to connect rebuilders with the trades and resources needed to build in the Paradise community is once again taking place, with a virtual change. Companies will become accessible through a 2-minute video shared with community members who attend. This is a great way to learn about your local resources.

 Visit to view the growing video gallery!

If you are interested in having your company represented in the video gallery, please contact Valley Contractors Exchange at

Applications available for the Measure V Citizen Oversight Committee

Are you interested in serving your community?  3 Seats are currently open on the Measure V Citizen Oversight Committee.  The Committee consists of 9 Paradise residents and meets quarterly with Town Staff to oversee the implementation of Measure V sales tax revenue.  To be part of the Committee, you must be a full time resident or obtain a permit to rebuild a primary residence within one year of appointment to the Committee.  Applications are due by 5 pm on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021.  Interviews will be conducted on Feb. 22, 2021.

For more information and to apply, visit

Town Hall and the Building Resiliency Center Open by Appointment.

Due to the change to the purple Tier in Butte County, Town Hall and the BRC are open by appointment only. Please call (530) 872-6291 for existing appointments or to schedule a new appointment. Below are the extensions for assistance:

Business and Housing x126 or x130

Code Enforcement x110

Finance Department x121

Tree Advocates x162 or x163

Building Resiliency Center x411

General Information x101

Are you a new property owner in Paradise?

Congratulations on purchasing property in the Town of Paradise! If you are building, we want to make sure you are informed on lot upkeep during the process. Please contact the Town of Paradise if you have any questions regarding weed or tree removal on your property. If you wish to have your hazardous trees removed in the Government Hazard Tree Removal Program, please call the Tree ROE Center at 530.552.3030. 

Have questions regarding your rebuild?  Rebuild Advocates are here to help! 

If you need help navigating the rebuild process, the Town of Paradise has Rebuild Advocates available to assist.  They can help with the following:  Navigating insurance, FEMA or SBA, understanding additional financing options, selecting a contractor, submitting plants, or any part of the rebuild process.  They are available at the Building Resiliency Center by appointment only.  Please call 530.872.6291 x429 x430 to make an in-person (depending on COVID status) or phone appointment today!

Make it Paradise Newsletter

This newsletter is designed to keep you informed of the ongoing recovery efforts as we rebuild Paradise.  Each week you will receive a newsletter with events, current numbers (building permits, etc.), current topics and a weekly Q&A.

Occasionally, we may send out an extra newsletter pertaining to an upcoming event or important information.