Town of Paradise Weekly Recovery Update 12-30-20

Current Statistics:

Single Family Homes

1,416 Building Permit Applications Received

1,248 Building Permits issued

555   Homes Rebuilt (certificate of occupancy issued)

Multi-Family Units

289 Multi-Family Unit Applications Received

277 Multi-Family Unit Permits Issued

70  Multi-Family Unit Permits Rebuilt (certificate of occupancy issued)


Last Chance to Enroll in the Government Hazard Tree Removal Program

The deadline to enroll in the Government Hazard Tree Removal Program is Thursday Dec. 31, 2020.  This deadline will not be extended. Property owners in the Camp Fire footprint must remove hazardous trees on their property. To sign up for the Government Program, contact the Tree ROE Center.

 Call                  (530) 552-3030


Visit        for more information          


As 2020 comes to a close, we as a community have a lot to be proud of!  Here are some highlights from our year of recovery;

  • On January 27, 2020 the Building Resiliency Center was opened to the public which houses the Town’s Community Development Department. It is designed to be a one-stop shop for rebuilding on the ridge.

  • In early June 2020, the Skyway-Black Olive Signal was completed, shoring up safety concerns at one of the most collision-prone intersections.

  • Tri-Counties Bank donated $171,000 toward the purchase of a new fire engine.

  • In 2020, the Town of Paradise has been approved for $77M in road rehabilitation funding in response to damages caused by the Camp Fire.

  • Town Council voted to extend the Interim Housing Urgency Ordinance until December 31, 2021 provided specific requirements are met.

  • Community Housing Improvement Program broke ground on Paradise Community Village in October.

  • The Town’s Housing Department is currently assisting 42 households with their rebuilding process and have assisted two households in purchasing a home.

  • The Town purchased lot on Pearson Road for the relocation and construction of Fire Station 82.

  •   To date, PG&E has underground 50 miles of line in Paradise.

  •   The Butte Strong Foundation supplied the Town with a $50,000 grant for a Broadband Feasibility Study, which has allowed for the assessment of broadband services to be brought to the Town to help better provide internet services to our residents.

  •   The Town entered into an agreement with the State Water Resources Control Board for the Camp Fire Septic Tank Replacement Pilot Program.

  • With the help of CMA Church, the Town was able to restore the AM 1500 which is the Town’s official radio channel for community and emergency updates

  • North Valley Community Foundation approved $1 million for the Permit Reduction Grant, a program which would help reduce the cost in permit fees for those seeking to rebuild. 

  • NASA honored the Town by etching the “The Town of Paradise” and” “Paradise Strong” on their latest Mars Rover and presented the Town with a commemorative plaque which hangs in Town Hall outside Council Chambers. 

  • In early November, the Town of Paradise was awarded a $1.8M grant through the Economic Development Administration for the Paradise Transportation Master Plan which will help further the goals and objectives of the Long-Term Recovery Plan

  •   In fall 2020, Council approved the plans and specifications for the Almond Street and Gap Closure projects which aim to revitalize downtown infrastructure by installing walkable pathways, lighting, landscaping, and performing major road repairs. Construction is expected to be completed in 2021.

  • Close to 300 businesses have opened and/or are operating in Paradise since the Camp Fire.

  •   In fall 2020, staff initiated the first of its kind PSPS response program, deploying 16 mobile generators and signalized intersections, ensuring the highest level of safety possible during planned power outages.

  • Thanks to our Public Works team, road striping has been completed on Upper Skyway, Upper Clark, Upper Pentz, Buschmann, Bille, Wagstaff and on many of the intersections throughout Town.

  • Adventist Health opened a rapid care clinic in Paradise.

  • A Hazard Mitigation Advance Planning Grant was awarded for the Early Warning System Design & Scoping Plan which was completed and approved by Council in November of 2020.

  •   On November 17, 2020 the first tree was felled in the Government Hazard Tree Removal Program, a Tier 1 priority in the Long-Term Recovery Plan.

  • The Police Department welcomed their newest officer, Katie Webber, on December 7th, which bring the department up to 17 sworn officers.  

  • Paradise Recreation and Parks District has reinstituted Astronomy on the Lake which has proved to be a success and extremely popular.

  • The second anniversary of the Camp Fire was commemorated with the Paradise Revival Festival, the oak and native tree giveaway, a moment of reflection, The Hope of Daffodils Art Show, the Ridge Wellness Project and a showing of the film, Joy Will Find a Way.

Grants Available to Small Businesses

Grants are available up to $25,000 for eligible small businesses effected by COVID-19. Funds are available through the Small Business Association and the COVID-19 Relief Grant Program. Applications are due by Friday, January 8th. Learn more at

Home Builders Resource Virtual Connection

An opportunity to connect rebuilders with the trades and resources needed to build in the Paradise community is once again taking place, with a virtual change. Companies will become accessible through a 2-minute video shared with community members who attend. A formal launch will be coming soon.   

The Town of Paradise Tree Advocates can provide personal assistance through this process, if you are enrolled in the Private Program, the Government Program, or don’t know where to start. Tree Advocates can be reached at or by calling 530.872.6291 x 162 or 163.

Town Hall and the Building Resiliency Center Open by Appointment.

Due to the change to the purple Tier in Butte County, Town Hall and the BRC are open by appointment only. Please call (530) 872-6291 for existing appointments or to schedule a new appointment. Below are the extensions for assistance:

Business and Housing x126 or x130

Code Enforcement x110

Finance Department x121

Tree Advocates x162 or x163

Building Resiliency Center x411

General Information x101

Are you a new property owner in Paradise?

Congratulations on purchasing property in the Town of Paradise! If you are building, we want to make sure you are informed on lot upkeep during the process. Please contact the Town of Paradise if you have any questions regarding weed or tree removal on your property. If you wish to have your hazardous trees removed in the Government Hazard Tree Removal Program, please call the Tree ROE Center at 530.552.3030. 

Have questions regarding your rebuild?  Rebuild Advocates are here to help! 

If you need help navigating the rebuild process, the Town of Paradise has Rebuild Advocates available to assist.  They can help with the following:  Navigating insurance, FEMA or SBA, understanding additional financing options, selecting a contractor, submitting plants, or any part of the rebuild process.  They are available at the Building Resiliency Center by appointment only.  Please call 530.872.6291 x429 x430 to make an in-person (depending on COVID status) or phone appointment today!

Make it Paradise Newsletter

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