Town of Paradise Weekly Recovery Update 6-2-22

Recovery Story: It’s a New Day in Paradise

It’s a new day in Paradise! With new homes built each week, a thriving school system, and new businesses and restaurants opening on every corner, it’s a town full of opportunities for everyone. Sunrises and sunsets bookend days in beauty, welcoming a sense of community and camaraderie.

Visit the blog to find the video and read more of the recovery story.

Paradise Farmer’s Market Begins June 6

It’s back! Beginning next Monday, June 6th, the Paradise Farmer’s Market will be hosted weekly in the Holiday Market Shopping Center. Grab your local farm-fresh fruits and veggies every Monday from 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm, June 6- October 10. Stop by to show your support! Learn more here.

Party in the Park Music & Marketplace 2022 Begins June 8

The liveliest summer celebration in Paradise begins next week! Join the fun at the Paradise Community Park, Wednesdays, June 8 – July 27 from 6:00-8:30 p.m. Bring a picnic blanket or camping chair to enjoy live music and performances, or wander the food, produce, craft, commercial, and non-profit vendors booths. Bring all your family and friends! Learn more here.

Paradise Traffic Control Map

The Town has created a google map with ongoing traffic control in Paradise which will be updated each week. We will continue to post the link each week to make it as easy to access as possible. The map will also be available on the Town of Paradise website, Included is the ongoing traffic control for projects such as undergrounding, water, and other infrastructure. Information shown on this map is subject to change and may not be all inclusive of actual work on a given day.

Click here or on the image below to view the map.

Road Repave Map

Town of Paradise Paving Plan 5/25/22 – As areas of Town are completing underground work, the Town of Paradise is set to begin a Town-wide repaving project for all publicly owned and maintained roads. 

The map below is color-coded to indicate the year in which public roads are scheduled to be paved. 

  • Purple:     2022
  • Teal:         2023
  • Orange:   2024
  • Green:     2025

This map is also available on the Town website, along with an alphabetical list of roads and the anticipated year for paving. The map and list will be updated as the best information becomes available. Roadways and paving years are subject to change and will change based on roadway-specific issues or developments.

Click here or on the image below to view the map.

Let’s Celebrate Paradise’s Great Water!

Watch our Community Grow: PID customer count

  • Total Customers: 8,823
  • Active customers: 4,212
  • Properties with cleared water: 4595

PID is nearing the end of its voluntary additional testing period for water quality assurance. Since September 2020, we have taken 1512 water samples and performed close to 80,000 additional tests within our distribution system to ensure water meets or exceeds state water guidelines. Because we continue to find nothing but clean water, we’re excited to announce we will be tapering down our additional testing efforts and resuming standardized state testing. See the mapped results of our last two years of testing here:

Tune In: KPAY Radio with Marc Mattox

Tune in: Marc Mattox, the Paradise Public Works Director and Town Engineer, speaks with Scott Michaels about rebuilding updates and events happening around Paradise. Click here to listen.

Make it Paradise Newsletter

This newsletter is designed to keep you informed of the ongoing recovery efforts as we rebuild Paradise.  Each week you will receive a newsletter with events, current numbers (building permits, etc.), current topics and a weekly Q&A.

Occasionally, we may send out an extra newsletter pertaining to an upcoming event or important information.