What is Measure V and how is it helping Paradise?

 ”Funded by Measure V” chances are you’ve come across this phrase in town on a police vehicle or fire engine. But what is Measure V exactly?

What is Measure V?

Measure V is a local sales tax that helps fund police, fire, animal control, and public works in Paradise.

In 2014, the Town of Paradise passed a local sales tax initiative called Measure C. Measure C provided funding to preserve public services such as police protection, fire suppression, street maintenance and animal control.  It also established a 9-member oversight committee made up of Paradise residents to ensure the funds were spent according to the ballot measure that was passed.

It was so effective that in 2018, residents voted to extend it (starting in 2021) until 2031 under a new name: Measure V. On November 6, 2018, 69.5% of the voters in the Town of Paradise approved Measure V, extending the ½ cent transaction and use the tax that was established by Measure C.  

The purpose of this sales remains the same as Measure C, to preserve:

  1. Police Protection
  2. Fire Suppression
  3. Animal Control
  4. Road Improvements

This 0.5% sales tax adds a half penny to every eligible retail purchase of $1. This additional 0.5% tax is paid on top of existing State of California retail transactions.

What’s the difference between local sales tax measures and State sales tax?

Local sales tax:

Local sales tax measures are implemented by local governments and voted upon by the residents. All funding generated through the local sales tax stays in the community, with none being allocated to the State or County.  Between 2016-2018, Measure C raised over 1.4 million dollars annually for the Town of Paradise, and nearly $1 million every year since 2018.

In addition, purchases made outside the area, or online to be delivered in Paradise, also generate the same revenue. For example, if you buy a car in Chico and have it delivered to your home in Paradise, the sales tax goes to Paradise. As the Town continues to rebuild from the Camp Fire, this additional revenue has been an invaluable boost to the Paradise economy and solvency.

State sales tax:

The current statewide sales tax is 7.25%, which includes only 1.25% that stays local.

Accountability for Measure V Spending

To ensure the money is spent according to the ballot measure that was approved by voters, Measure V (and Measure C before it) requires a citizen oversight committee to review spending and recommend how to use Measure V revenues to Paradise Town Council.

“[Measure V] includes strict accountability, independent citizen oversight, and mandatory financial reviews and quarterly reports to ensure the funds are spent as promised for community priorities,” said Town Council members in 2021.

The committee meets once per quarter and more often during budget preparation.

Measure V in Action

Here’s a list of some of the items Measure V has helped sponsor:

  • Fire Engines
  • Police Vehicles
  • Peace Officer standards and training for Officers
  • Police Cadet training
  • Animal Control Vehicles
  • Animal Control shelter service operations
  • VIPS Vehicle (Volunteers In Police Service)
  • Street sweeper
  • K9 training, food, and veterinarian bills
  • Plumbing repairs for Station 81
  • Bucket Truck for Public Works
  • Police radios

If you’d like to learn more about Measure V, visit the Measure V Budget and Reports page on the Town of Paradise website to see how the money is allocated each quarter.

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